When you make plans to go travelling, it is crucially important to ensure your health will be the best it can be when you are travelling around the world.

So, good planning in Pre Travel Healthcare at a one stop travel clinic needs to be high on your to do list.

My one stop travel clinic, Well Travelled Clinics, tells you why:


Well Travelled Clinics


Make vaccinations a priority or you could meet a fate worse than jetlag. 


You’ll know what it’s like; whether you’re embarking on a round the world adventure or simply a week away on tropical sands, getting ready for a trip can be incredibly hectic. Usually exciting too, but no doubt there can be a bit of stress involved.

Travelling for leisure and luxury, backpacking or for business trips can mean very different experiences. One thing you must do though is pre-prepare. That means finding out which (if any) essential or recommended vaccinations you must get and stocking up on products that are going to help keep you safe and healthy whilst on your trip. Sometimes, if you’re going away for an extended stay (who could blame you, British weather is terrible) you’ll have VISA requirements to get sorted as well.

This all sounds a little bit exhausting but fear not. A one stop travel clinic can solve all of your pre-holiday dilemmas and provide you with everything you need to be feeling your best regardless of where you are travelling to.


Why a One Stop Clinic?


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Depending on location, there can be lots to sort out. In South America and Africa, there can be a risk of Yellow Fever, so that is one vaccination travellers to those areas must go about getting.  Malaria tablets are needed for many areas, and you should check your MMR vaccine is up to date (yes, even if you’re only going elsewhere in Europe.) At a one stop travel clinic, receive advice, vaccines, malaria tablets and other supplies such as mosquito nets or repellents. Even the basics are normally covered. Pick up a microfiber travel towel or specialist travel adaptor at a one stop clinic. Pretty sure, you’ll come across products you didn’t know existed; all geared towards making  any trip a little bit easier.

Depending on you, you might need a bit of extra guidance.  Travel clinics are great due to the experts on hand there. They can deal with and advise you on any special requirements you may have, like existing health conditions, pregnant and breast feeding women and those travelling with young children. If you’re off travelling and have a complex itinerary, come armed with the details, the more information, the better where travel healthcare experts are concerned.

Of course there are others who can advise you; travel agents  and tour operators have a wealth of knowledge on many locations. Your GP or practice nurse can also provide some of the same services  as a walk in one stop clinic. Yet by visiting one of these clinics, you will get expert advice and treatment, under one roof, from those dedicated to keeping you safe whilst travelling.


Well Travelled Clinics


Well Travelled Clinics, located in Liverpool and Chester are associated with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The school was formed in 1898, at that time the World’s first institution devoted only to tropical health. With years of research and expertise behind them, the first clinic opened in the 1960s. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Well Travelled Clinics have intensive links with UN organisations, health authorities, universities and research institutions meaning they are at the forefront of advancements in tropical healthcare.


Drop In 


Like many other clinics across the country, Well Travelled Clinics, offer a walk in service Monday to Friday between 8:45am and noon. Last minute travellers are usually accommodated, providing you arrive early. Vaccines are available at highly competitive prices and the provision of prescription only anti malarial medication may be available, plus all the advice you will need for travelling to your destination.


Happy  Travelling  


From the most adventurous traveller, to those simply seeking sun and relaxation, of course you will be excited about your trip. Curiosity about where you’re going and the anticipation of feeling carefree will often kick in weeks before the trip. As a traveller though you need to have patience and responsibility and be willing to persevere in order to get the best out of the trip.  This responsibility starts at home and by going to a clinic, either for vaccinations or for advice and to pick up some products, is one of the best decisions you’ll make.


Well Travelled Clinics


Visit http://www.welltravelledclinics.co.uk/ for more information.


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