‘Earth, Wind and Fire? What’s the other one? Water? Wait, what about Air?’ 

I crossly confused myself as I began to get to grips with the latest photo blogging challenge that I had the pleasure of being tagged in by John of Continental Breakfast Travel Blog, who called me handsome as well.

I think he’s got a crush on me. Ssh.

So what’s this photo challenge all about that had me repeating out loud the elements, you may ask?

Well, you’ve got it on the nose. It’s called #ExploreTheElements Challenge.

Basically what you have to do is totally easy. You choose four photos that each represent one of the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

(right, I’ve got this American band out of my head… for now)

You talk about why you chose your pictures and then you must nominate another five bloggers to take part. It’s like the pyramid system except less corrupt.

So here goes before I burst into song and let’s see my choices.




North Wales, #exploretheelements


How majestic does this photo look? It was taken at the heights of Snowdonia National Park in Wales where I spent a wonderful week exploring the seemingly untouched land that swept across into the horizon. Driving around, the Earth towered higher and higher to such a point that even fighter planes had to swerve around mountains. Epic.

I’ll always remember having my breath taken away seeing the sweet valleys below me of beautiful North Wales. Perhaps I’ll take an even more awesome picture when I will finally get the chance to climb Mount Snowdon!

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Flight of the Angel, #exploretheelements


Forget skydiving or bungee jumping, you really do feel the full force of the air when you take the aptly named ‘The Flight of the Angel,’ in Basilicata, Italy. While I was in the southern Italian region for a press trip, I was dared to jump on board and suspend myself at 888m high at speeds of 70mph. I bet you’re impressed.

It literally brought tears to my eyes as I strained against the ‘wind’ battering my face to marvel at the sights below. But it was the feeling of flying, like superman, that struck me as I flew sky high to observe the people below… like an angel really. (By the way, many people have called me Superman and Angel… what can I say?)

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kuang si falls, #exploretheelements


As I’m a total water baby (or babe?), I think nothing of making a splash in every single water body I come across, whether it’s absolutely freezing or quite simply gross. But usually, I like to take a dip in rather unique places that are out of this world. It could be the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or Lake Mackenzie in Fraser Island. But for that special water temple that I would love to return to again and again, has to be one of the most romantic places I’ve ever set eyes on. It is the Kuang Si Waterfalls in Luang Prabang in Laos.

It’s like you’ve arrived in heaven. Everything is calm and serene and you can while the hours away in constant awe. These pale blue waters of Kuang Si Waterfalls are the first thing you must want to see when you arrive in the mysterious country of Laos in South East Asia.

This is the only photo I took of Kuang Si Waterfalls. I had billions but thanks to a fellow backpacker, who I was showing the pictures to later on that day, he accidentally deleted all of them save this one. Dang.

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fire show, #exploretheelements


It’s quite hard to think of a fire picture. All I could think was volcanoes and I haven’t had the pleasure to explore one yet. But suddenly, I remembered the pictures I took when I was on Ko Tao in Thailand. Fire activities and attractions are the big deal here with flame-eaters, spinners and skippers. I actually became a fire skipper and have the war wound to show for it on the back of my knee. Check out the video in the link below.

I remember taking this picture of this fire spinner and I was so happy at the time. After spending my nervous first week on my round the world trip, I began to relax here at Ko Tao and made some great friends on Sairee Beach.

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So it’s time for my nominations. If you have been nominated already, I do apologise in advance (not really, you MUST accept my challenge) but actually, there’s no obligation to take part.


1. Ayla of Mrs Ayla’s Adventures

2. Kasha of Lines of Escape

3. Chris of Make New Tracks

4. Jess of The Fly Away American

5. Neil of Backpacks and Bunkbeds


What do you think to my choices? What would you choose? Let me know below. (Or I’ll nominate you..)


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