Kingston Upon Thames


Did you know that I own this Historic Royal Palace behind me? You know, Hampton Court Palace?

No, you don’t believe me, do you? Dammit, I was trying to strike a pose that looked I was just affluent enough to play host to many hundreds of tourists that loitered around the place. But at least I still looked handsome on this cloudy and drizzly day.

So, what was I doing in Kingston Upon Thames, only a stone’s throw away from London? (Actually 30 mins train ride from Waterloo Station).

I was here last weekend for the #Traverse15 Conference!

Traverse is a small travel blog and social media conference with a focus on learning. There are classroom formats, university placements at beginner and advanced levels, networking opportunities and more. The best thing about Traverse is that you don’t have to take annual leave or even break the bank to attend.

So after a networking event on Friday at All Saints Church (where England was founded), it was straight to it in the classrooms. What did I learn and discover?

  • I could use Pinterest to further my travel blog in a huge variety of ways.
  • I now know Canada Tourism Commission makes the best cupcakes EVER
  • I became famous as the ‘Hot Guy’ in seat 7C through Twitter during the Question Time Panel.
  • I enjoyed meeting new bloggers such as Paper Planes And Caramel Waffles,
  • I became so happy to see old travel blogger friends again.
  • I got to see Hampton Court up close after taking a lovely barge cruise with Turks Cruises.
  • I now have got to grips with accountancy for my website. It’s so easy!
  • I can now do Yoga in a plane thanks to Kooky Traveller.
  • I discovered Facebook Advertising can be further tailored to target audiences in greater detail
  • I am awesome playing flip cup and I enjoyed beating Greg of Travizeo just to see the look on his face!
  • Thanks to Lonely Planet, I already know that I’m a great writer.
  • I became famous again in the KLM/Air France Focus Group Meeting when my name was mentioned three times!
  • I cannot handle the clocks going one hour forward after a few jagerbombs.
  • And many more…

It was certainly a weekend to remember in Kingston Upon Thames and I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought of Traverse15 in much more greater detail in my next post about the awesome travel blogging conference.

Meanwhile, let’s see if Henry VIII got any spare wives hanging around for a handsome travel blogger to marry at Hampton Court Palace…


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