It’s a cold January morning on a freezing Saturday when I wake up back in my hometown of Hull in the North East of England. My stomach groans in hunger for that extremely special treat, which is the delicious breakfast that I usually went to grab a bite when I was living in the capital of the UK back in 2013.

Yes, I wanted to go back to London for the weekend purely for this delectable delight, which I wanted in my screaming belly. I was on a one track mind and I immediately booked my tickets online.

Jumping on Hull Trains an hour later, I made the 2.5 hour journey to Kings Cross where I wanted to show you how to get to my favourite eating establishment, Beigel Bagel, based on Brick Lane. (Watch the Video to follow my footsteps.)


How did I discover Beigel Bake?


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It was all thanks to Eating Europe Tours who I had the pleasure of joining an eating tour of East London with. Taking me to a variety of places whether Bangladeshi, Italian or even the traditional fish and chip shop, Beigel Bake was always the one that stood out for me for a bite in London.

Check out my review of Eating Europe Tours: Review: Eating London Tour

If you fancy a bagel, now you know which way to go if you watch the video above.


Flying the Emirates Cable Car


Bite In London, Emirates Air Line, Cable Car


I’m sure if you’re like me, who has visited London so often, you’re bored of taking the tube, overland trains and buses to get from one end of London to another. So how about flying from North London to South London?

No, I’m not simply telling you to get on a Boeing Airplane. Just rock up at Royal Victoria Docks and jump on board a popular airline branded contraption:

Emirates Air Line.

Open between 8am – 9pm (8pm in winter), the Emirates Air Line runs from Royal Victoria Docks to North Greenwich where the O2 is based. It’s a great way to experience the ‘far east’ of London as you will be able to see the London Thames Barrier in the distance.

But the Emirates Air line is not just for tourists, it can be also used for commuters too. You can even swipe an Oyster Card as you go through tube style ticket barriers and jump on board with like-minded strangers. By the way, tube etiquette still applies here – no eye contact, no smiling and you’re welcome to shove your face in a stranger’s smelly armpit.

But it’s a great way to experience a winter’s sunny day over the River Thames as you lurch high above in the skies and come down to land in a whole new district of London in a matter of minutes.


Emirates Air Line, Bite in London


Costing only £4.50 if you buy a single fare, you can add another £6.20 if you want to explore the Emirates Airline Discovery Experience. I didn’t go in as I was in a hurry to get to a birthday party but I’d like to check it out soon.

But not before helping myself to a smuggled second bagel on the southern bank side of the River Thames…


What did you think?


I hope you enjoy watching the video above. It’s my first time editing GoPro video footage and I hope you loved it as much as I did. It’s about time I re-launch my youtube channel again!


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