Don’t you just hate it when your fumbling with your bags trying to find your passport and boarding pass at once at immigration or security?

Or perhaps when you’ve left your passport and travel documents in a ‘safe place’ and you can’t remember where you put them?

Or chillingly, your essential travel paperwork keeps getting lost while you’re on vacation?

Me too.

When I had my luggage all over the airport floor on my way to Barcelona earlier on this year, trying to find my passport (which got lost in my rolled up trousers), it was the last straw that broke this camel’s back. You could say that I got the hump. (sorry!)

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There was simply one thing for it.

I needed to become organised in travel preparation.

This is where Maxwell Scott Bags comes in.


Maxwell Scott Bags

Maxwell Scott Bags


To help sort out my preparation woes, Maxwell Scott Bags recommended me to use The Torrino Luxury Leather Travel Wallet (£73 excl delivery).

Their description of the leather items is rather apt:

‘an elegant A5 leather travel wallet with multiple interior sleeves…this is perfect for the organised traveller.’

If this could organise my travel lifestyle for real, then I’m completely sold. Let’s find out more about this Maxwell Scott Bag Leather Travel Wallet.

  • Three internal sleeve pockets
  • One external rear compartment
  • Handy for organising passports, travel documents and boarding passes.
  • Able to withstand years of use
  • Popper fastening
  • Comes in three colours – classic tan, dark chocolate and night black
  • 25 year warranty
  • Dimensions – 23 x 1.6 x 16.3cm (width, depth, height)
  • Weight – 0.19kg

But my favourite thing about the Torrino Wallet has to be the leather. Check it out:


Maxwell Scott Bags


The leather in this sleek travel accessory is sourced from renowned tanneries in Italy where the full-grain leather is vegetable tanned therefore making the item environment-friendly. What’s more, the look of the wallet will age gracefully thanks to its tanning process.


I couldn’t stop running my hands over it when I first received it through the post in next day delivery upon placing my order. I did rub it against my face too. It was that soft and smooth that I simply had to Instagram it.


Using the Torrino Travel Wallet


A week later at the end of April, I had the perfect chance to use the Torrino Travel Wallet. I would be catching a flight from Leeds Bradford Airport (UK) to Belfast City Airport (UK) for my first foray into Northern Ireland.

This was Maxwell Scott Bags’ chance to impress me and prove their claim that this item will help sort out my travel preparation.

And you know what?

It did.

I just couldn’t believe how easy it was.

No longer I had to awkwardly fold a boarding pass within a battered passport, only for the whole thing to get stuck in the tightest corner of the tightest pocket of my bag.

I didn’t have panic attacks every five minutes when I checked I still had my documents on my person, only to discover after furiously searching every crook and nanny of my clothes and armpits, that they were still in the same place where I left them.

There was no chance that I would be awkwardly holding multiple items in my hands including hand luggage to show immigration and security my travel documents.

All I had to do was carry around in my hand the Torrino Travel Wallet, visible to my eyes and safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t stress myself out or scare myself silly at its whereabouts. Again, the touch of the wallet remained soft to my hands and I simply couldn’t stop flipping open the wallet to look at the organisation within.


Maxwell Scott Bags


What was within?

There was my passport, boarding pass. iPhone, loose change, and my money wallet itself.

It was perfect for me when I went through security. I didn’t have to dump everything that was in my pockets into the bland gray trays provided. I could keep everything together in one place in which none of the items were on show.

So there you have it.

My airport stress of checking in and out from my packing to the gate was all but gone.

So, it’s true. This travel wallet will for sure help me out wherever I go in the next year.

But there’s one problem, you see.

The travel wallet will make me look like a weirdo when I’m at the gate waiting to board the flight. With nothing better to do, I’ll be rubbing the wallet against my face lovingly and purringly.

It’s just too smooth and soft!


Find out more about Maxwell Scott Bags:


  • Spend over £100 and get free UK delivery
  • All UK delivery is next day (order before 2.30pm)
  • Offers a full “no questions asked” 30 day returns policy


What do you think Would you have this to organise your life? Tell me in the comments below 🙂