I’ve actually disproven that there are exactly 24 hours in one day.

Would you believe me that there are 35 hours?

I mean, I woke up at 6am one day in Gatwick Airport in London, boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight at 11.20am and then flew 10 hours to land in Las Vegas at 2.20pm.





You will be just before midnight Las Vegas time and delirious after being awake for 24 hours straight. Oh, and I suppose the beers as big as my face (what can I say, I have a big head šŸ˜‰ ) that I drank probably didn’t help. I had jet lag and I had it hard.

So let’s wind back to the beginning and talk about the longest Sunday of my life!

Last time I left you, I was just about to board the Virgin Atlantic flight to Las Vegas:

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I confess I wasn’t looking forward to the long trip crammed in a row of seats with strangers for a long length of time, I mean, remember when I took the longest flight of my life?

But I needn’t have worried.




It was literally one of the best flights Ive ever taken in my life!

Great service, tasty food, and a comprehensive library of entertainment in the screen in front of you. The best thing about the flight?

Subtitles on English films!

No longer I had to watch international films on a loop!

But soon enough we were in Las Vegas after taking a complicated route over Greenland where we saw the ice below from the sky.




#iTrekHere Arrives in Las Vegas


Guess what! I’m famous! Check out what Trek America and Travizeo filmed for my first day in the newest continent I set foot on:



But let’s see what happened in Vegas.

After nearly passing out in tiredness on the luggage carousel (who would pick me up?) we jumped on the Airport Shuttle bus that took us to our first accommodation of this trip: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.




But on the way there, I simply had to stop tweeting and instagramming as we ran parallel to the ‘Strip’ as popular hotels famous worldwide appeared in the city skyline such as The Majestic, Caesar’s Palace and more! It was slowly beginning to dawn on me that I was in the United States of America. And I was in one of the best destinations to be in!

I was bemused to see advertisements plastered on literally everything including taxi ranks, huge billboard signs with cheesy grinning faces and even announcements in the lifts in the hotel!

Slot machines and Starbucks, the great American icons greeted me in dazzling displays as soon as I walked in the hotel, only to be greeted by the fab Trek America tour guide himself, Tommy!

One of the most extrovert people I’ve met, it comes to no surprise that everyone loves him straight away especially as he taught us how to do the best high-five – it’s all in the elbow.

With keys handed to us, the room was absolutely amazing! Check it out:




But after a quick shower and change, it was time to hit the sights of DownTown Vegas to avoid the jet lag taking over. It didn’t disappoint.












There were crazy acts on the streets, brilliant saxophone acts and even kinky people in sexy Policewomen uniforms. Check them out:




My favourite attraction so far in USA definitely has to the Heart Attack Grill. Apparently, if you wear over 350lbs, you get to eat at the place for free.

Yes, you heard that right… FOR FREE.




Of course, they had a weighing machine and I discovered I was 220lbs. I didn’t know whether I should be impressed with that or be insulted that I had put on weight recently…

But if you look inside, you can see customers dressed in hospital gowns with IV drips serving sauces for their meals. Don’t forget about the waitresses dressed as nurses as well!

Soon we had to be back at the hotel for a meet n’ greet with the Trek America Tour group where we introduced ourselves to each other and find out what would be happening on the trip.

I still cannot believe what I’m going to get up to throughout the next 10 days and I’m not gonna tell you right now. You’re gonna have to keep on checking this blog to find out what we got up to… shameless publicity eh?

But after a gut-busting buffet topped off with sweet caramel desserts, it was time to check out the Fremont Street Light Show that happens every hour in this popular downtown street. We got to catch the Bon Jovi one:




The Trek America guys told us to lay down on the floor but as soon as I did, I was to be arrested for being a ‘bad boy’ by policewomen wearing exceedingly tight uniforms and waving plastic cufflinks in my face. It was actually rather funny as I became accustomed to the craziness of the city that is Las Vegas.

So what did we do afterwards? Did I go back and sleep to catch up on my jet lag like any sensible person?

Hell, no!

I was in USA and it’s my first night on North Americas soil. I was determined to enjoy myself.

And I did.

Somehow, we won the beauty competition in the ‘Beauty Salon’ Bar.




The prize?

A poker chip to spend with to get a hair makeover of your choice.

Baffling. But that’s what I come to expect of Vegas.

Soon, it was reaching 11pm Vegas time and I had been up longer than 24 hours. I needed sleep and I needed it bad.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face, my mind filled with disbelieving thoughts of what I experienced in Vegas on the longest Sunday of my life.

This is going to be an awesome trip.

I just know it was going to be!

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Meanwhile, there’s an early start tomorrow! We will be crossing to another state and to bed in our experience at our first national park of the United States: Zion National Park.

Stay tuned!