Okay, okay.

I know what you are thinking about the Grand Canyon and me.

You’re right. Completely and utterly right.

We are both, quite rightly, ‘Natural Wonders of the World.’

So it was a meeting of two wondrous beauties on this very rare day on 25th May 2015 when I decided to hike the 12 mile return hike to Plateau Point on the Bright Angel Trail to explore the Grand Canyon from within.

It was just coming to the end of my Trek America trip on the #iTrekHere Westerner 2 inspired route when this challenge was laid before me.

Do I dare take the ‘strenuously difficult hiking’ day trip to Plateau Point, where you can the Colorado River up close from above?

Have you known me to turn down a challenge like that?

After all, it’s six miles downhill, first scrabbling down the canyon wall, and then six miles back uphill, the last part also trying to summit the canyon wall.

So, did I do it?

Well, you just gotta stay tuned and find out when my experience of the Grand Canyon is told later…

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