Oh yes, four years on, I’ve come full circle to this German and Bavarian city of Munich! 

It’s where (and when) I started planning on being a travel blogger and my plans to travel the world.




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So, after visiting six continents since, why am I returning to Munich or ‘Munchen’ as its proper name?

Well, it’s all to do with a fabled rite of passage that only a select group of the world’s population can partake in. It’s both a process of congratulations and cosmiseration of moving onto new chapters in our lives on this world.

It’s a stag do. 

For those of you who don’t know what a stag do, picture this.

You’re about to get married. It’s only weeks away and you just fancy one last blow out party with your friends before the ‘wife’ starts forbidding you to and instead make you stay at home with her making potpourri and light some scented candles.

So that’s what’s happening for my dear and unsuspecting friend, Hiten, who I lived with for a few months.




Why do I say unsuspecting? He has no idea what we have planned for him only the destination that is Munich. He was unceremoniously booted out of the stag do whatsapp group after we picked Munich (Amsterdam was the other contender).

So, should I tell you what’s happening on the Stag do?


That would break the bro code. And besides, we don’t want YOU, Hiten, to find out what’s going on.

But am I excited to be going back to Munich?


Granted it’s only a weekend, but I’ve managed to get the Friday off leaving from a London airport early that morning before returning Sunday evening.

Also, I’ll get to visit the places I didn’t manage to get to last time. The Englischer Garden will get a good viewing along with the beautiful architecture in the old town.

But there’s one thing for sure I’ll be taking advantage of when I’m on this stag do in Munich.

German Beer. 

Oh, yes.