I’m truly and utterly sorry.

Sorry that RexyEdventures is completely all over the place.

It sucks.

The last three months have seen me to be the most busiest of my the last few years. So much so, that I’ve actually neglected RexyEdventures the last month that it’s now looks chaotic and you’re not sure what I’m doing.

So first off:

Where am I? 

I’m actually living in London and I’ve made it my home for the last month.



But I’ve still got my magic touch!



I’ve got a full time job. A corporate job.

What?! You may scream.

I’m now working as a Marketing Manager for a national charity based in London and yes, I’m now living the 9-5 life commuting backwards and fro on the underground tube sharing armpit smells with fellow commuters.

And I love it. 

Remember when my quarter life crisis pushed me to go travelling?

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Well, now my third life crisis has pushed me back into the work life mode.

Yet, that door is still slightly ajar that I can escape to go travelling on my rather generous annual leave every year. Already I’m planning to go to a part of the world I’ve never been before (more on that soon).

But that’s no excuse: 

I shouldn’t have let RexyEdventures be treated as a plaything, only dropped when something else comes along. In this case, the last month has seen me meet up with forgotten friends, evening outs on the River Thames on these warm summer days and netflixing my heart out to Sense8 and Orange is the new Black.




It’s not to say I ignored RexyEdventures completely. I have loads of written drafts all done on my computer. It just needs sorting out and putting photos together on the spare London nights that I have.

There’s so much to share with you. 

  • What about the rest of my series on my iTrekHere trip that I absolutely was blown away by in May?

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  • Perhaps you would really like to know what went on at a stag do in Munich?
  • Would you prefer to hear more about how Northern Ireland is awesome to visit? (Very beautiful people live there by the way)

See More:  Why didn’t I come to Northern Ireland before?

  • How about an embarrassing anecdote when I went to party with S Club 7 in Liverpool?
  • And even so, what did London reveal to me the last month?!



A whole host of nightlife I’ll tell you that!


I promise to make everything right and that order shall prevail at RexyEdventures. After all, I got so many ‘Edventures’ to come.

Like what?

  • A Yachting cruise down the River Thames?
  • A rather Gay experience in Benidorm in Spain?
  • A unique look at Rotterdam in The Netherlands?
  • Getting my wings with KLM?
  • Yet another stag do in Europe?
  • And better yet, that part of the world I’ve never visited before.

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So, what’s going on, Rexy? 

Plenty. Oh, absolutely plenty!