Okay, let’s throw my 15 destinations to visit in 2015 out of the window.

I was determined to visit Stockholm, Budapest, Prague and more for my epic 2015 but circumstances have changed for me. So much so, that I cannot even make it to all that I’ve planned. However, I did do Barcelona and Belfast within the last six months but let’s face it, we’re in July already and I’ve only done two.

Pretty poor showing.

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Heck, I haven’t even had time to much blogging so it stands to reason that yes, for sure, I won’t make all 15 but not to worry, I can still make some travel plans for the rest of the year that reflects the situation I am now in.

As you know, upon my return from USA with Trek America, (stay tuned this week for an amazing preview on my Facebook page about the trip!) I’ve been thrown back into the corporate world as a Marketing Manager for a national charity dealing with major projects that has seen me work late into the night and the thought of looking at another computer screen was totally out of the question. I also had to move into a temporary flat in London before finding another one within the spare time I had.



Check out my new corporate and sexy haircut!


I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

Luckily, I’ve now got a new place, I’ve settled into my routine, my projects are just about finished and therefore I can look forward to be making my new plans for the rest of the year. So what will I be doing now that I’m a high-flying London boy?


Ed Rex

How handsome do I look?!




It’s back to my hometown to celebrate with my family my 30th birthday (ssshhhh, I feel old already!) I’m looking forward to be going on a big long walk with my dog and perhaps walk alongside the epic architectural beauty that used to be the longest bridge in the world – Humber Bridge.





Shortly after my birthday, it’s actually back up to Yorkshire in the UK again to partake in yet another Stag Do! One of my good friends’ is getting married later on this year and he’s taken his stag do in a totally new way than the traditional booze-fuelled weekend. We are staying in a log cabin filled with hot tubs and champagne on tap. Sounds like the perfect way to unwind. But we’ll soon clear those bubbles from our heads through our country walks in the Yorkshire Wolds.


Kingston Upon Thames

Remember when I went to Traverse travel blogging conference earlier on this year? I actually won a competition run by the Kingston Tourism board who has given me a multitude of activities to do over the weekend for free. What’s more, I’ll be staying in prestigious accommodation. I’m afraid I can’t say anymore as I’m surprising the person I am taking with me and I know they read my blog 😉 (sorry!) But check out this article which won me the competition:

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Kingston Upon Thames




Remember the stag do I’m going on? Well, he’s getting married in York! So, I’ll be getting dolled up to the nines again to attend my fifth wedding of the year and swank it up in style at the York Royal Hotel. But meanwhile, it would be good to check out the sights again!


York, British Weekend Break, 2014

Nooks and Crannies adds a perfect charm to the city of York as you discover secrets behind every corner


Benidorm, Spain

Ah yes, my first trip abroad since USA! I’m headed back to Spain again to take part in #MyGayPride with Two Bad Tourists and experiencing my first ever pride. I hear this destination is a hot bed for British OAPs but it seems to me there’s a vibrant and young scene that even the Spanish loves to party there. No expectations here but I’m sure it will all be a good laugh.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Working with KLM UK, I’ll be heading to The Netherlands’ hottest destination, Rotterdam. With only a weekend to explore, I want to show you guys that with just a simple hop and flight to Amsterdam and a quick train ride, you can sight see this happening city to your heart’s content without any worry to get back to Schiphol Airport. Just watch this space.


So there you have it, that’s my six weeks of Rexy Summer. Of course, seeing as I’m in London, I’m sure I’ll get to explore the capital city of the UK from just a short walk away from my desk such as the Imperial Durbar in Tooting.

So, let’s get back on the travel scene.

Oh, did I tell you that the website will see a major addition very soon. No? Oops, maybe you’ll have to find out soon…