‘Okay, okay, what’s happened in the rest of your #iTrekHere trip?’ you may be asking me.

Since I finished staying with the Navajo Native Americans in Monument Valley, where did I go next?

I can tell you now that there’s two more destinations left to go: The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas! 

They are ready to go live but first I want to get you excited about something first.

I’m making a feature video of my epic 10 day #iTrekHere trip! Woop! Woop!

It’s not quite finished yet but I thought I’d be annoying (per standard) and tease you what’s in the video.

Yes, I made a trailer.

I’m THAT vain.

I even credited myself massively and decided to give myself a bit of a fanfare.

Well, what am I waiting for?

Here’s the trailer!!!

And don’t worry, I promise to let you know what I did in the Grand Canyon and Las VERY soon.

And then, I can showcase my video! Yay!

Peace out.