First of all, you have to check this out:



What did you think? Does it make you think what you get up to in your hotel room? Or does it makes you think what a clown I am?

So what was I doing in Pullman Hotels in London St Pancras and what the hell is #Unrooming?

#Unrooming is a unique concept brought to us by It’s a new 30-second video review format that’s simple to create, and more informative and useful than standard written reviews. It’s unboxing, or hotels – only instead of discovering your new mobile/drone/toaster live, you discover your hotel room. It captures your first impressions as you walk through the door, and lets you share your unvarnished reaction to everything from the bounce-ability of the bed (check!) to the contents of the minibar, pointing our any weirdness, or amazingness, and rating it out of 5.

So what would be the result? 

A quick entertaining snapshot that helps people pick and book a great hotel, which is what is all about.

So when thought of me in mind to share my #unrooming snapshot of Pullman Hotels in St Pancras, one of the top five desirable hotels in London, I immediately bit the hand that fed me it. Here’s a great central location in London, only two stops from my work and what’s more, I get to promote a fabulous concept with a wholly new fresh perspective in reviewing hotels.

So, judging by the video I made above, you can see I had great fun. But it wasn’t the ’30-second video I would be showing you. Here’s this one:



What do you think? Do you think #Unrooming will take off? Do you like the idea of seeing the room before you book? Let me know your thoughts below.

Meanwhile, before I checked in Pullman Hotels, I had a great chance to catch up with fellow travel bloggers, Michael Turtle and Simon Jam Jar as we went for a bite to eat at Dead Doll’s House, a trendy restaurant deep in the heart of Islington where we dined in ballroom style, a three course meal.

Taking a private car to Pullman Hotels (a crazy experience driving through Central London instead of bus, tube or taxi), I was soon bowled over by this four star hotel. You can see why why:







Here’s my rating system:

Bed: 5/5

Room facilities: 4/5

Bathroom: 5/5

Breakfast: 4/5

Wi-Fi: 4/5

Staff: 10/5 (they were so so so so so friendly!)


Right, so it’s time to talk about a competition for YOU


You got to be in it to win it, I say, if you want to win a £200 hotel voucher.

Wait, did I just say £200?! Yes, my dear. I did.

So what should you do, as you may grab me my the labels in manic desperation to shake out the answer out of me.

As you see, there are many unrooming videos on Twitter. So, to simply join in, film yourself looking round your hotel room for the first time and upload it to any social network channel of your choice using the hashtag #Unrooming and you could be in with a chance of winning said voucher. 

So what’s the specifics?

  • Make a 30-second – 1 minute video of you entering a hotel room
  • State the hotel name, the room number and finally give your hotel a rating out of 5.
  • Like Davina McCall from Big Brother says, ‘please do not swear.’
  • No nudity (sorry!)
  • Make sure other people who appear in the video has consent to appear.

So let’s get cracking. You need to enter before November 25th at 5pm to be in with a chance to win.

What are you waiting for!