Earlier on in late September, I popped over the English Channel and the North Sea for a visit to Rotterdam in The Netherlands from my base in London for a quick weekend city break.

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As you may well know, the journey of travelling between city destinations for a weekend is a stressful experience and sometimes you may just feel that it isn’t worth going to a popular destination for a quick visit.

I beg to differ.

With KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, I experienced anything but. Actually, it was the complete opposite. I felt relaxed, serene and no wrinkles appeared on this handsome face.


flight to Amsterdam


As Rotterdam is one of my hot European destinations to visit in 2015, I knew I wanted to sightsee this Dutch destination with the aim of relaxation after a busy few months in London thanks to starting a new job.

So I looked up KLM to see if I could get there and you know what, they do flights to the Netherlands. Well, duh, it’s no surprise seeing they are a Dutch airline. More so, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they do nine flights to Amsterdam from London Heathrow Airport on a daily basis. I could go anytime really.

So, taking Friday afternoon off, I took the Piccadilly Line from my workplace in North East London to London Heathrow Terminal 4 and swiftly checked in with plenty of time to spare to wander in lazy style through the duty free shopping.

You can even check in using KLM’s app beforehand to avoid queuing up to get your boarding ticket. The bag check is rather quick too that in one blink of an eye, your suitcase is gone and on its way to be loaded on the CityHopper plane.


flight to Amsterdam


Boarding was fab with the flight attendants eagerly welcoming you on board with enthusiasm and upon discovering I am deaf, they made special provisions to make sure I understood what was happening on the flight and ensured I understood what was said over the tannoy.

One of my highlights definitely has to be the take off. Check it out:


  It was very popular with you guys over at my Twitter and Instagram feeds when I posted this. Thanks! So, what about the journey? As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, I could help myself to refreshments including wine, coffee and soft drinks. What’s more, I simply hoarded all the stroopwafels I could get my hands on. Now, that’s a snack! The flight was only a quick one hour and 10 minutes long so we didn’t get a meal on the plane but that was okay as I preferred the speed of the plane. But it was the flight attendants that made it special. With their crisp and bright blue uniforms, they went up and down the aisle with a cheery deposition that sometimes brought a smile to my face. They kept pointing out to me the landmarks of the UK and then The Netherlands. Without them, I wouldn’t have noticed the off-shore wind farms that simply heralded the arrival of the Orange country of Tulips.     Flight to Amsterdam     The seats were comfy, giving me a wide berth to settle in even though I was in the middle seat. There were ample leg room and I could even stuff a thick tome of a book in the pocket in front of me. Overall, the flight was smooth, no turbulence and the noise was kept to a minimum that sometimes lulled me in a sense of blissful sleep. Before I knew it, it was time to land with the sights of Amsterdam on the horizon at sunset. Here’s another video to check it out:    


The landing was again, smooth as ever, and it wasn’t long that I entered Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to be checked out, my luggage grabbed and into the realm of the amazing place that I once spent 24 hours in.

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More so, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has its own train terminal on which I could jump on an Intercity Direct train to Rotterdam in 27 minutes.

So really, the whole experience lasted 40 minutes on the tube, one hour and ten minute flight and another 27 minutes on the train. All in all, without waiting time at the airport, the transport took two hours and 20 minutes. That’s less than the time it would take for me on the train from London to my hometown of Kingston Upon Hull. \

And it was as relaxing as it could be.

Thanks KLM! I look forward to be flying blue with you again soon!


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