In this rare shot of me laughing and not at all posing, it goes to show that I don’t need to pose to accentuate to the beauty of Benidorm as you see lie behind me.
This Spanish city on the south-eastern coast of Spain proved to be the setting of one of the best destinations I’ve visited in 2015. Starting off as a small fishing village, tourism exploded from the 1960s, flourishing under General Franco, and saw high-rise hotel resorts dominate the landscape.
Normally, I would sneer of such a blatant attempt by the tourism industry and also eroding the local way of life. But when I visited, my mind was completely changed. You could see the local way of life starting to dominate the tourism industry starting from the Old Town, nestled between two long beaches and overlooking the scenic harbour.
Benidorm, back home, has been engrained into the British public of mind as a place where stags go to get drunk before they get married and also a place where chavvy elderly people go to make their skin turn leather. You really need to watch the tv programme, Benidorm, to see what I mean.
But from the hour I arrived in Benidorm and exploring the many delights this city has to offer including the Aqualandia Water Park, the motor boat trips to Benidorm Island, the Mendoza winery tour and the off-road tours into Terra Mitica, I became charmed and dare I stay it, possibly want to stay here?
But the food. Oh! The food! I never ate so well this year when at the same time licking my lips at the gorgeous dishes the locals insisted on serving! I’ll come back alone for that!
The nightlife and party atmosphere of Benidorm is great, too! I had the pleasure of experiencing Benidorm Pride, and as such went aboard a flat during the parade, which saw tourists and locals alike come out and celebrate the day of equality, tolerance and love.
So, what does this handsome travel blogger think about Benidorm? Well, I guess you better read this:
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But I’m sure you know that Benidorm will be a fantastic holiday for you. What are you waiting for?
Get booking! 

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Benidorm Tourism Board for providing activities and accommodation. However, as always, all opinions are my own.