‘London’s way too expensive to visit, why should I go there?’

Yet again, enticing a friend to come to visit me in London ended in failure. I closed my laptop with frustration and swiftly made myself a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

Living in London for six months had seen me discover the realm of possibilities of what you could sightsee, do and go through quirky and funny experiences! But I don’t want to do them on my own. I need to share the memories with someone, whether a friend, family member or perhaps even a date. We would look back fondly in the years to come and talk about how amazing the event we did in London.

Actually, I lied

I just want someone to take pictures of me.


london eye, london

Don’t you just want to catch me like this?


But time and time again, I hear, that London is far too expensive to visit and sightsee. Come on! Where’s the adventure? Where’s the imagination of travelling and discovering the thrill of excitement? Where’s the new-found humble acceptance of being the key photographer of RexyEdventures?

But I disagree with them. There’s so much to do in London for free. Yes, you heard right. There are free things to do in London. And I want you to come join me. (and work on your model photography skills).

I mean, just check out this amazing article from Central London Apartments who have published a guide especially for you and I on 50 free things to do in London:

See More: 50 Free Things to Do in London

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

So let’s check out this guide and pick out the things I want to do. Perhaps you can join me on them. Why not tell me what you would like to do from this list in the comments below? I tell you, it’s ALL FREE.

Plus I can send you FREE photos of myself that you’ve taken. Deal?


  1. The Sky Garden

Ah, the Sky Garden. Tantalisingly close to my workplace in Old Street, the Sky Garden is often a talking point to experience a work social but it never materialised. I really want to go! And what’s more, it’s free. My burgeoning desire to visit was further enhanced when TravMonkey published a video about his experience there. Check it out:



The Sky Garden is covered with a giant glass dome and home to observation decks, gardens (duh!) and restaurants. Could this be the best vantage point for the best views of London? Why don’t we see for ourselves? After all, a photo of me with the whole of London behind me would look good on your bedroom wall, right?

Nearest Tube: Monument


2. Richmond Park


I’m absolutely devastated that I haven’t even visited Richmond Park yet! It was right on my doorstep when I visited Kingston Upon Thames (Twice!) this year and I hadn’t even gone to check out the rutting stags that roam this Royal park of London. Home to 650 red and fallow deer, there’s so many ancient trees that has seen history go by. And did you know that you can check out Pembroke Lodge too?


London, Richmond Park, Free things to do in London

Photo by Millman Photography. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea…


I’m not sure if you would be able to take photos of me outdoors in Richmond Park. I don’t want you to go too ‘wild’ if you see the pictures…

Nearest tube: Richmond


3. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


I’m really sorry, but I didn’t visit the Olympics 2012 in London. I was far too busy working in Australia at the time but I did catch the opening ceremony on TV. And yet, I’ve visited and lived in London many times since then and I’ve still haven’t gone to Stratford and visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the legacy of the Games. So what could we do? We can visit the iconic venues before going on one of the many free trails and perhaps sprint around the track? Shall we?


Free London


So, what’s a great opportunity to take a picture of me swimming in the Aquadome with water dripping from my hair and looking gorgeous as ever? That could be the golden moment you must have been waiting for in your life.

Nearest tube: Stratford


4. The Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre has been a source of intrigue and mystery to me. I’ve been told that I simply must visit by London locals who say that I will be bowled over by Europe’s largest arts centre that plays home to the London Symphony Orchestra. Not only that, there’s cinemas, shops, conservatories and even free exhibitions! Let’s go and educate ourselves and become more cultured in life.


Free London

Photo by London Town


What’s more, you could have a chance to have your own piece of work hung in the Barbican Centre. It’s easy, you just take a picture of me looking pensive and moody and voila, you’ve got art in the making.

Nearest tube: Barbican


5. Portobello Road Market

I keep hearing about this market from my fellow travel bloggers and I never had a chance to visit! It’s a great place to get your bargain hunt deals whilst browsing through vintage clothes including 1960s tailoring. But the beauty of this Portobello Road market that it involves so many cultures showcasing the multi-culturism of London in the form of goods being sold at the market including French soap, Russian scarves, South American jewellery and more. A great tip that has been given is that you should get there around 10am on Fridays to skip the crowds.


Free London

Photo by PortobelloRoad.co.uk


Great opportunity there to snap me in different retro clothes!

Nearest tube: Notting Hill Gate


So, what do you think? London’s doesn’t seem to expensive any more, does it?


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