Hot on the heels of Germany’s 25th anniversary of reunification, The German National Tourism Office has seen a surge in tourism since to celebrate the biggest and most popular cities that has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. Ranging from business travellers to those seeking culture and from shoppers looking for the best stores around to party animals whether on a stag do or to experience the cutting edge night scene, everyone will find what they are looking for. And 2016 will prove just that.

So, let’s find out the German city breaks that I’ve visited and the city breaks in Germany I hope to visit in 2016.


1. Berlin


Berlin, Germany’s capital, is the beating heart of culture and nightlife as I discovered from the moment I set foot in this city. From the popular sights ranging from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag, you’ll soon see your weekend while by as you explore this city on foot before experiencing the edgy music scene at night. Try your luck on Museum Island as there’s a wealth of culture on offer and I urge you to immerse yourself in the city’s history in their National History Museum. Or perhaps get your creative thinking caps on when you visit the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall. Or of it’s a nice day, what about a BBQ on Templehof Airport grounds. There’s just so many things to do! Take advantage of the many year-round Berlin city break offers and I promise you, Berlin will be one of the best cities you’ve visited.


East Side Gallery

Reporting for duty!


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BBQ in an abandoned Tempelhof Airport

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The East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall

Lost in Berlin


2. Hamburg


Hamburg is currently my favourite place in Germany. I don’t know why but it just reminds me of home. With the strong River Elbe flowing through the city, you can even check out the beach, the old warehouses filled with foodie and coffee goodness, and perhaps even the city within the city of Hamburg! Intrigued to find out? You just got to go! But remember to take a boat ride through eh city, I heartily recommend it!



Hamburg has a BEACH?!


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Bohemian Hamburg


3. Dusseldorf


Ah, Dusseldorf. You confuse me sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t get you in some ways but in other ways, I do. As a new city in the making thanks to its redevelopment and startling architecture, Dusseldorf offers a great alternative to those looking to escape the tourist hoards. If you come in the summer, you may just catch the biggest fun fair on the Rhine or come across the Japanese district where the best frozen yogurt may await you.


Low Countries, Dusseldorf


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4. Munich


Munich, Munich, Munich. How I love you so. So good that I even returned twice! My first German destination for a city break for my birthday, Munich completely won me over with its Bavarian charm and wonder. The gateway to the Alps, Munich offers excitement and adventure, whereas the same time you could explore the nature grounds of the Old Englisch Garden surfing its river so trekking around the Olympic Park. But I strongly recommend you to take a walking tour. But don’t forget to grab a beer at one of the many beers halls in the city!


Stag Do in Munich


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As you can see, I simply adore Germany and 2016 will DEFINITELY see me return to Germany. So which city breaks in Germany will I be going to?

Could it be Cologne where’s it’s famed for its Christmas markets? Or could it be Dresden where its gone through a cultural revival? Perhaps it could be the powerhouse that is Frankfurt? Or maybe, just maybe it could be scenic Nuremberg?

Who knows, I need your advice. Where do YOU think I should go to?