‘You could always get me that £500 camera that i can shoot videos with?’

I replied rather too enthusiastically, crossing my fingers as I spoke into my phone.

‘Hmmm, how about a DVD? Or better yet, something for your room?’ 

I grimaced, mentally shredding my Christmas list that just had that camera only written on it.

‘I don’t know, really, I just want something I can practically use day-to-day.’ 

Christ. I was already sounding like my father, who’s utterly impossible to buy presents for. Maybe I should take his lead and go down to the local garage at 4.45pm on Christmas Eve and buy as many things I could get my hands on to treat as presents for the family. Getting car mats from him one Christmas was a highlight, and that was before I could even be legally allowed to drive.

But in all honesty, I’m right. I’m the perpetual traveller that seems to flit from one end of the earth to the other with all my worldly possessions in one big backpack. I don’t want to be carting around something I’m only going to be using once. If I want a present, it has to be perishable, an experience or something I can use day-to-day. That camera is one of them.

So, it makes sense for me to talk about what people should get you for Christmas if you’re home for the festive period.

So, buckle up travellers, here’s a list what your nearest and dearest should be getting you this Christmas.


Christmas Drinks


Ah, there’s nothing like sharing a glass of tipple or two with your loved ones and relate to them your travel stories whether they choose to hear it or not. It might be the time I found myself accidentally working at a nudist resort or perhaps exploring the scariest cave in the world.

But what drink is perfect to share with family and friends? I give you 31DOVER!

As the UK’s leading online drinks vendor who personally tests every spirit that passes through their stock. I’ve come to like these guys and I find myself pouring through their selection. But the perfect after Christmas dinner drink is definitely the Hennessy Cognac. With their great prices and the fact they deliver your bottle on your doorstep the very next day without you having to moan about going to the packed supermarkets at the cost of your petrol before finding your own parking spot miles away from the entrance and lug your heavy bags back to the car. Awesome.




Luckily, I have ordered my own bottle to share with my cousin and it’s not too late to order your own. And what’s more, you can 10% off any order you make with this voucher code: 31DED which is valid until 20th December 2015.

Perhaps we can share a bottle together?


Show Tickets


Living in London for the last six months, I’ve still yet to see a west end show! Nothing would make me happier than reconnecting with my musical theatre roots. Perhaps a trip to the Greek islands for Mamma Mia or into the heart of Africa to see the Lion King. The possibilities are endless!




Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is all about this camera? It’s actually a compact Lumix GX7 camera that’s small and pocketable with interchangeable lens that can give me crisp and sleek photos. Rather than having to drag my massive bridge camera around to take fun shots, I can simply pop this in my bag when I’m finished safe in the knowledge I can get truly awesome shots!


Best picture ever, best country

Shots like this?!


So, Mum, if you reading this, for the umpteenth time can I get this? I’m sure my readers would support me, right?




Yes, I need new clothes. Looking at my wardrobe, I’m horrified to discover that I’m still wearing the same clothes that I wore before I went travelling around the world five years ago. Today, I can just about fit into them thanks to many sugarholic coffees. I need to start looking good again and I rather think esquire clothes may be just the ticket. After all, I’m growing rather nice facial hair (still yet to break out of the bum fuzz phase).


Travel Books


Ah, even as an intrepid and perpetual traveller of five years, I still need to find inspiration, and what better than the Lonely Planet guides. Where may I add? I rather fancy Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, UK, Hungary and the East Coast of USA. Could they be the next destinations I will be going to in 2016?


Canterbury, backpacker


Ah, let’s get Christmas out of the way and I’ll tell you…