Don’t you just love after-Christmas Sales? Everything and anything in shops up and down the country sees their prices slashed, giving us great sale opportunities for us to take advantage. The Action on Hearing Loss shop 15% off everything sale is one definitely to browse through if you or a loved one has deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss. But be quick, you have until 31st December 2015 to do so! Click on the image to find out more!




I got thinking. Which hearing loss product solutions on sale could I have in my travel backpack? Which listening and alerting products would I need if I am crossing through Scandinavia in 2016? Or which hearing care products will I use if I damage my hearing aid through wetness? Let’s find out my top five travel hearing loss products I would buy in the Sale! (All the below prices are inclusive of VAT)


Watch n Shake


Hearing Loss


Who here loves a glamorous and sleek watch? I know I do! I just love flashing around a new watch that makes me feel good and trendy to go with this awesome face. But what if your watch could be your own personal vibrating alerter too? The new Watch n Shake is a stylishly comfortable and waterproof wristwatch that is also your personal alarm clock! You could even set it for personal reminders too.

The Watch n Shake will be a key accessory to my travel packing list as not only it will make me a stylish travel backpacker on the road, but I can cut down space in my luggage without having to pack a large vibrating alarm clock. Oh, and it’ll get me up in time to catch the bus too!

Usual Price: £79.99

SALE PRICE: £67.99


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Bluetooth Neckloop


Hearing Loss


I’d be lying if I said having a conversation in loud places doesn’t bother me. Whether I’m in a local busy bazaar market, going on a Sandeman’s New Europe Walking tour or joining in a backpacker pub crawl, sometimes I need an extra oomph to ensure I understand what’s being said around me. Maybe I’ll snatch pieces of conversations but over time, you’ll soon get lost. So, what’s stopping me from buying any conversation amplifiers or elite listeners? Most of them are usually bulky or perhaps a tad too expensive for me to leave in my luggage in the hostel dorm room. However, I spied in the sale this Bluetooth neckloop that not only will help me with conversations around me, but with telecommunications and streaming music too!

With easy bluetooth connectivity and a one touch operation to switch between answering a phone call or listening to the amplified conversation around you, it’s all thanks to its inbuilt microphone. All I have to do is quite simply turn my hearing aid and cochlear implant to ‘T’ coil setting.

I confess that I did try one out at Action on Hearing Loss’ Annual General Meeting in London at their products display stand. After using it for 30 minutes, I became convinced that this would be a great tool to use for my travels.

Usual Price: £79.99

SALE PRICE: £67.99


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Hearing Aid Dryer


hearing loss


I could do with one of the Hearing Aid Dryers, actually. You wouldn’t believe how often I got my hearing aids wet out on the road. Whether it was dropping them down a Vietnamese toilet, getting rugby tackled into the surf at Bondi Beach or getting soaked to the skin in a monsoon storm in Thailand, I had to save them either usually with the help of a portable hearing aid drying box with crystals inside. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. So, it stands to reason that having a proper hearing aid dryer will see me in good stead on my travels. After all, you can’t put a price on suddenly losing your hearing aid…

Also, the dryer actually helps cleans your hearing aids and moulds leaving them free from bacteria therefore stopping itchy ears or ear infections. That would have been immensely invaluable after dropping one of them on elephant dung in Uganda…but that’s another story.

Usual Price: £59.99

SALE PRICE: £50.99


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Sonic Shaker Alarm Clock


Hearing Loss

My trusty Sonic Shaker!


Space is a huge factor when packing my backpack. Already, it is nearly full thanks to a lot of hearing aid maintenance and accessories that I need. So, the last thing I need is to put in an immense alarm clock that needs to be mains powered. So, what can I do? Enter the Sonic Shaker Alarm Clock.

You can discreetly place this  battery-powered device under your pillow and after setting the time you would like to wake up, you can sleep in comfort knowing you will wake up in time to undertake your sightseeing activities on your city break. I do have this product already but after being battered and bruised through six continents in the last five years, it may be time that I need a brand new one. Countless of times it helped me to meet extremely early morning flights and buses.

Usual Price: £24.98

SALE PRICE: £21.23


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Dual Ear Hooks


Deaf people listen to music


If there’s one single thing I couldn’t have lived without during my nine month round the world trip, it was my T-coil dual ear hooks. Travel is not always the glamorous life you think it is as quite often you’ll find yourself on 24 hour + long distance buses in South America, waiting around in bus stations on African time or staring at the back of a head rest on long budget airlines. What made me survive through all this was listening to my music, audio books and relaxing sounds from my entertainment portable players (my iPhone or my iPod) via my dual ear hooks. Turning on my hearing aid and cochlear implant to ‘T’ setting, I was able to stream my music direct into my hearing devices. Also, it came in useful for phone conversations or via Skype when I was in a noisy place hooking up onto their free wi-fi.

So, you can see how useful they are!

But why would I want to buy one when I already have one? Ah, these dual ear hooks on sale has a great feature that I don’t have on my current ones. They have an inline microphone that I can use during mobile phone conversations! No longer I would have to place my phone in front of my mouth whilst fiddling with the computer or books to find out where I should be going. Neat, eh?

Usual Price: £21.98

SALE PRICE: £18.68


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There you have it. That’s my top five wish list from the Action on Hearing Loss Shop 15% off Everything Sale!

What do you think to my wish list? Would you add any more products to your packing list?

Do you need a hearing loss product solution accessory for your travels? Take a look through the sale and remember to be quick, the offer runs out on 31st December 2015! All you have to do is type in the code AJYRUOXK in your checkout page.

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