This year, Instagram has easily become my favourite social media channel to use to showcase my travels through Europe and North America. With a wealth of photoshopping opportunities and filters, you can create what is already a stunning picture into a masterpiece!

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But I wanted to know what you thought of my photos. The best way was trawl through all of my shared pictures from Benidorm to Grand Canyon National Park to Belfast and to London and pick out the top 15 liked pictures of 2015.

Thus, I give you them!


The Abandoned Leicester Square Tube Station


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On my way to Heathrow Airport in London one early June Friday morning, I changed tube lines at Leicester Square to jump on the Piccadilly Line. Normally a hive of swarming tourists and Londoners, the tube station was very eerily quiet at 5,45am in the morning! You guys loved this so much that it’s officially the most liked picture of 2015 on RexyEdventures!  

Swimming in the Old Englisch Garten in Munich


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Only a few days later, I took the second most liked picture on Instagram at Munich in Germany. This is where the water current of the river in the Olde Englisch Garten is strong enough to take you on a sightseeing tour of the park. It was so tempting to join them in the pwater but alas, I only had a couple of hours to show my friends round the city after a long stag do weekend.

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Winter Sun over the River Humber


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Your third most liked Instagram picture was a wintry sunrise over the River Humber in February. It was just a quick snap of the estuary of my hometown in Kingston Upon Hull whilst I was on my lunch break in my previous job. Little did I knew how popular this would be! See More: Humber Bridge Farmer’s Market  

The Finger of God


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It seems like three of the top four photos were taken in June! Could I be onto a winning formula in 2016? Meanwhile, this photo was taken on London’s South Bank one evening on a date where I impressed the other half with my posing skills. it seemed like you guys were really impressed too! I was touched by god, you see.

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Sunrise over Grand Canyon National Park


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Sunrises seem to be your thing too! This photo was taken at around 5.30am on what would be one of the most memorable days of 2015. Starting with this sunrise, a coffee at the President’s Lodge then a 12 mile hike down into the Grand Canyon and ending with a beautiful sunset while I had dinner overlooking the canyon. Perfect! See More: iTrekHere: Hiking the Grand Canyon  

When I Became an Angel


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Starting in my new job in London, (no, it’s not as a model, sadly), I would often frequent the local alehouse called The Angel down the street after work with my work colleagues. Upstairs they have a mural of wings where you can position yourself to look like you are, indeed, an angel. To this day, no one could do it better than I did…


Home-cooked Food Porn


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A lot of you got very excited about my last meal living in Hull before I moved to London in June. It was meatballs with spaghetti. Perhaps, you liked the look of my TV Tray?  

The Gay Pride in Benidorm


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The delightful rainbow colours had you pressing the heart button on Instagram in excitement like a thirty-something woman seeing Magic Mike for the first time. I was in Benidorm for their first ever Gay Pride and I really absolutely enjoyed myself at this undeserved public reputation of a place that had me suggesting I would be going back.

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A rare natural picture of Rexy


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Now, we all know I love to pose. But have you actually seen me in my natural state? When I showed round two good friends of mine in Greenwich Palace in London, one of them actually took a snap while I wasn’t looking while I was preparing for a pose as I rolled up my sleeves. It seemed all of you liked it, too! See More: How to be a bad tour guide in London  

Pancakes at iHop Las Vegas


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This hungover food was a huge hit with you as I tucked into this sugary breakfast in Las Vegas on my last day on the iTrekHere trip. The night before, we went on a huge VIP tour of Las Vegas’ nightlife that came close to The Hungover’s proportions. Luckily, I didn’t wake up with Mike Tyson’s tiger.

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Finishing the Grand Canyon hike


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Many of you shared my exhilaration in completing the 12 mile round trip hike into the Grand Canyon. It was one of the hardest activities I’ve ever done that pushed me to my physical and mental limits, particularly as the last part saw us snaking up the wall of the canyon without any shade from the searing sun. But here I am, so happy, as I pointed to Plateau Point, which is the furthest you can go on a day’s hike.  

Sunrise over the River Humber


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The River Humber makes another surprising return as all of you continue to share the love of my hometown.


The Best Wedding Photo Ever


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This is undoubtedly one of my favourite photos of 2015. I timed the picture just right as they jumped for a pose shot for the wedding photographer in York on one sunny September day. I’m glad to see you agree too!  

The Peeking Shard


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Becoming London’s most iconic building, The Shard seems to permeate all of the photos that are being taken in London. However, this photo was intentional, highlight how modern and arty is has become compared with the uniformed and olden buildings of the capital city. Have you been up it yet?

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The Windswept Selfie


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Ah, this list of top 15 most liked pictures on Instagram wouldn’t be a RexyEdventures’ list without a selfie! Many of you agreed as you simply loved the windswept look on my face on February morning as I ambled along the bank of the River Humber in the North of England.


That’s my lot of 15! What do you think? Which is your favourite Instagram pic?