Wow, would you believe it? We’re in 2016, folks!

It seems like everyone around the world has a new found optimism about this year compared to last year. I can’t put my finger on it but I don’t care seeing all the smiles and wonderment from everyone as fireworks brought a colourful bang to their lives.

For me, I’m in a great place in my life now. I have an amazing job, I’m carrying on into my FIFTH year of travel blogging, I’m already booking travels for this year (see below) and I have such exciting news ahead. (Spoilers!). So, it gives me pleasure to dust off the topsy turvy lifestyle in 2015 and start anew in 2016 into my flirty thirties!

So, what’s new on RexyEdventures? It’s the Sunday Musings. Some of you have emailed me in the last year to find out what happens in the life of a travel blogger on a day to day basis whilst holding down a corporate job. Every Sunday, I’ll be publishing a weekly article highlighting what I got up to within my London life and wherever I end up in my unexpected travels. I’ll also be sharing what features, favourites and stats of the travel blogging journey to help you realise how much effort and time goes into this project.

Just call it my diary. I hope you enjoy and don’t be shy to comment on the posts. So, grab yourself a coffee, and have a good nosy.

Presents for the Travel Planner

Ho, ho, ho! Were you a good boy/girl at Christmas? Did Father Christmas leave you with many goodies to help with your travels?

I’ll have you know that I was a very good boy, although not too good to get a £500 camera. I knew that debauchery in Benidorm would bite me in the ass. But I did get so many travel related pressies that helped me with my travel plans for 2016. Perhaps, they could be of use to you too!

I’m going to Stockholm!

Thanks to the Lonely Planet guide to Scandinavia, I booked my first 2016 travel plans to go to Stockholm in July!

With the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Europe Conference taking place in this city of blonde beauties, I simply had to take the plunge and buy myself a Travel Blogger ticket. What a great base to have in Northern Europe to explore the rich Viking heritage of Scandinavia!

I’m yet to decide whether I want to extend my trip there to include more destinations in Sweden or do I take a quick whirlwind tour of the Nordic countries? What do you think?

Meanwhile, do you have tips on what to do in Stockholm?

Where in the world this week?

It’s been fairly quiet this week being back at home in Kingston Upon Hull in North East England. I just simply pigged out on all the Christmas leftovers and all the Sherry while I modified the blog slightly to look more attractive.

But today, I’m on my way back to London on Hull Trains to take advantage of their free wi-fi onboard! Watch this space to find out what I get up to in the next week!

Papua New Guinea is a top 16 Rainforest Destination

It’s great to see that Papua New Guinea is one of the top 16 Rainforest destinations worldwide according to (I’m featured too!):

See more: Top 16 Rainforest destinations

With more than 600 islands and 800 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea is definitely a must visit destination to explore the four regions and 20 provinces that stretch out the blue ocean into the South Pacific just 160km north of Australia and just south of the equator.

Would you like to go there? Why not be inspired in this article below?

See More: 24 reasons why you should go to Papua New Guinea

Travel Blog of the Week: Where is Tara?

I love reading other travel blogs when I can and I thought I’d share with you my favourite of the week.

As soon as I read ‘I’m basically a hobbit raised by leprachauns’, I knew ‘Where is Tara?‘ was going to be a huge hit with me.

The travelling adventures of a Kiwi Irish girl soon had me rolling on the floor (be nice!) with laughter when she, whilst in Ireland for Christmas, remarked about the Irish Phrases that don’t translate. Don’t believe her? Then you’re an eejit or a geebag. (Tara would be so proud!)

Check out her blog post here: Irish Phrases that don’t translate

Favourite Travel Photo of the Week

Prepare to have a revelation!

Anker has brought a new range of suitcases, cabin suitcases and casual bags called Revelation London. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I was looking for a brand new suitcase to replace my already battered suitcase that I had to keep wrestling with the handle. I just love the sleek red colour that pops in view whenever I spy this suitcase. I shall look forward to be reviewing this.

But I thought it was a great photo that I took as soon as I received it. Don’t you think?

Find out more from their selection here: Revelation London

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