‘Ooh very stylish! Since when did you become a glamorous traveller?’ 

I grinned as I walked up to my friend who awaited me at Kings Cross Station as I took the long journey home for the Christmas Break. Her comments were directed at the small and striking suitcase I was pulling behind me. I introduce you the Revelation London. 

Popped red, this suitcase was in stark contrast to the drab and dull suitcases, which reflected the wintry weather in London, and yet mine was almost a beacon of fun, style and, dare I say it, hope.

Now let’s find out how I got on with my brand new suitcase from Revelation!


Antler is quite right to say that ‘a new beginning can be very liberating!’ After a strong 93 years of trading, ‘Revelation!’ has brought a youthful refresh to their brand. Helped by a few famous fans along the way including James Bond who would carry his battered pigskin revelation suitcase everywhere he went, Revelation has truly shaken not stirred their customers. A new attitude, a new look and definitely a new direction, this suitcase caters to the ‘revelation’ that travel has become stylish, colourful and eye-catching. This doesn’t mean that producing value for money and stylish bags for every generation is not their first priority. It is.

Check out the features and specs of this amazing Alex M1 cabin suitcase I had the pleasure to use:


Alex Features:

• 5 year warranty 
• Water resistant material 
• Revelation! combination padlock included 
• Printed trolley tube message 
• Lightweight trolley system with branded push button  
• Top and side handles 
• Internal pocket and packing straps 
• Internal ID label in rubberised holder 
• Side foot studs for balance 
• Printed interior lining 
• Rubberised external logo 
• Revelation! combination padlock included


  • Colour Alex Red
  • Size in cm (H x W x D) 50 x 40 x 20
  • Material Fabric
  • Packing Capacity 32
  • Gross Capacity 40
  • Weight (kg) 2.8
  • Product Code 3734107127
  • Feature Cabin Friendly, Lightweight, Expandable, Pockets, Striking Design
  • Wheels 2 Wheels

New beginnings


It couldn’t come at a better time, my old suitcase becoming clapped out while I wrestled with the stick handle which involved kicking and a degree in mathematics. I would have been stressed, almost chucking it into the luggage hold with such angry force.

Yet this time, as we boarded the train, I was a shining example of serene calm as I lovingly placed the Revelation suitcase into the hold, and with a backward glance, feeling like dropping my kid off at his first day of school, I felt guilty leaving it alone.

A two wheeler, transporting across the city of London was so easy. I didn’t feel like I was dragging it behind me. It felt like it was gliding, not careening to either side should one of the wheels bump against a raised pavement slab.

The handle felt it was mounded to my hand, not giving me a angry, aching and red welt after a long time of pulling it. It was soft to the touch. The winning feature? I was able to  set the handle in with no complaint. So much so, that I confess I hugged the suitcase on the London tube.

Following on the colourful theme, my eyes was truly delighted to see the blue and white dotted interior that it made packing seem like not a chore. I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit all my clothes and other essentials into this airline cabin sized approved bag. But somehow, defying all space physics rather like the Tardis in Doctor Who, I did it! Yet, there were room left over! Amazing.

The soft suitcase has a lovely feel to the touch yet firm to grip. Sounds like a rather naughty film, but I’m telling you, you’ll see yourself stroking it.

This suitcase is actually a reflection of me, I thought. Yes, I am going to describe myself and handsome will be one of them! It’s stylish, wonderful, gorgeous, efficient and so, so very useful.

I’m totally going to take it with me to Stockholm, a land of in-your-face blonde and ABBA sequinned beauty, in July where every single travel blogger at the TBEX conference will simply throw themselves at it.

As my train journey ended, I began to pull my suitcase out of the hold. Another person waiting behind me gasped and said,

‘That’s a beautiful suitcase, isn’t it?’

Oh yes it is. Revelation London suitcases certainly are beautiful!

Find out more on Revelation London and don’t forget they are having their January Sale now:

Thanks to Revelation London for providing me Alex M1 Cabin suitcase to review. As always, my opinions are my own.