Last week I was offered the chance by the Singapore Tourism Board to develop a taste of Singapore in London at their #SingaporeLive event. Deep in the heart of East London at Bethnal Green, the award-winning Town Hall Hotel full of Art Deco interiors has made its mark with an exclusive visit from Singapore’s superstar, Nada, and of course, an equally famous blogger called RexyEdventures in attendance too.

Let’s find out what happened.

Singapore Live

Possibly the most quirkiest tour of a London hotel


While we waited to enter the main room to check out the Unlisted Collection (more on this later), we were taken on a tour of the Town Hall Hotel. This was probably the most quirkiest tour I’ve ever been on. It was a constant surprise everywhere we went. Starting from the exclusive swimming pool, which messed with your perception of the space continuum, this was the place where many famous films and programmes were filmed. I might have jumped up and down when it was revealed the mortuary in Silent Witness was filmed here too.

Carrying on, we were given glimpses into pleasing hallways and my favourite definitely had to be one with the moose head coming out of the wall rug. Of course, as we were in a hotel, we simply had to glimpse what the rooms were like. I was pretty excited to see their rooms had a bathtub in their bedroom. How great is that?! You can watch TV from your luxury bath and all that’s really missing was rose petals dotted around the room.

The funniest moment definitely had to be ‘Lover’s Lane’. A wooden hallway, you have to look closely at the carvings to see people…erm… in naked precarious situations doing…erm…stuff to each other. Perhaps it should be soft porn alley?

Overall, I really enjoyed looking around this London hotel and I think I should try out a stay here.. pretty please?

Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel

Cocktails, not Singapore Slings

Surprisingly, the Singapore Slings weren’t being served when we entered the main room for the #SingaporeLive event. Instead, something else was served even better: Calamansi Martinis

At first glance, you could easily think it resembled Strawberry Angel Delight, but try it. It’s fruity and exceedingly delicious. It seemed like there was a different fruity taste every time I went to get another one, but I didn’t care, my tastebuds truly got that taste of Singapore sorted out.

I fell in love with Cocotte

‘Now that’s a face!’ a fellow blogger remarked when I bit into culinary creations made by the enthusiastic chefs of the restaurant, Cocotte, who is based in Singapore. They were here to sell us to come visit them, and with my first bite, I was completely sold. I’m afraid to admit that I moaned in delight rather too loudly. But that’s okay, we already went through Lover’s Lane. Their mussels and clams were to die for and there was a bread type food (I failed to catch the description as there were loud entertainment on) that I simply had to keep going back for more. Can I marry the chef please?


Crafts and Scents

Designs were showcased at the event whether they were for children in the form of toys or perhaps sleek and fashionable bags for the fashionista within you. But the most intriguing display was the flowery scents that is provided within a ball with an opening big enough to poke your nose through. The exotics smells soon transported me back to my three spent in Singapore in 2012:

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A Strange Superstar

As part of our entertainment, we were sung and danced to by Singapore’s very famous superstar, Nada.

He was quickly made up in mime style white face colouring and had a paper suit on. That’s the divas for you!

It was very quirky and in true superstar style, we were entranced. What do you think?

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Now the night ended, I left with a taste of Singapore in London. But do I want to go to Singapore to try out all of its eclectic tastes? If they are anything as beautiful as the city at it is at night, I’ll be there.

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What about you? Find out more on their pages:

Website: Singapore Tourism Board

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Twitter: Your Singapore UK

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