‘Do the I’mPossible with MEEM…’

I read aloud as I handled the funky green cable that I pulled out of its swish packaging. Could the MEEM Memory cable be the saviour to my travelling lifestyle? Could anything else be better than this? It’s statement of doing the impossible definitely rocketed up my expectations and I’m intrigued to see if it could.

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MEEM Memory


According to them, MEEM is the only product of its kind in existence. A phone charger and automatic back-up device all in one cable. Overtime you charge your phone, MEEM automatically backs up the personal data held on it to the cable itself: a simple solution that fits into your daily routine with no third-party access to your information.

Check out the video below:


So really, in fact, MEEM mirrors your life.


MEEM Memory: In focus


Available at launch in 16GB Android and 32GB iOS formats (£70 RRP), I opted for the iOS one as I use my iPhone 6S constantly in my waking hours. I often recharge my phone at least once a day, even two times a day sometimes especially if I am out on the road in Europe.

However, when I’m travelling, I’m always conscious that one awkward drop of my phone could smash all my information to smithereens or even that my phone could be stolen despite my secured efforts to keep my phone safe at all times. You just never know. That’s why I bring my computer and my external hard drive with me while I’m traveling to back up my photos, contact information, videos and calendar… just in case. 

But could the MEEM change all that? This kickstarter campaign shows otherwise – MEEM Memory Kickstarter.

Already £25,000 raised, it demonstrates that people around the world wants this. Do I? Of course, I do. No longer would I have to bring my laptop and my external hard drive with me every time I go travelling abroad! This BBC reviewed MEEM memory cable simply had to be used by me. And for the last week, I’ve fallen utterly in love with it.

It’s all so easy! Not only it automatically charges, the set up of your phone is pretty much instant after you download the MEEM app from the Apple Store that doesn’t warrant much of your time. Just leave it to run and once the meter on your MEEM app says it’s complete, you’re all backed up. It’s quick, easy and perfect. What’s more, you can delete the information on your phone if you run out of space and yet the information on your MEEM cable will keep your old information until you get back from travelling. (Beware, if you try to back up on it again, it will overwrite the last time you uploaded your information onto MEEM.) So, once you’re back, you can upload the MEEM files onto your computer. Easy peasy, lemony squeezy.

It’s perfect for me too. I’m always self-conscious about sharing my data thanks to my jobs and also my natural suspicious attitude to anyone who requests as such. All the information on your MEEM Memory cable is under your physical control. There’s no chance for hackers to get in and it’s all PIN protected should you lose your cable.

You can even use it either on your desktop USB port, your phone, car charger and even power bank.

I cannot stress how much I adore this. Rather quickly, it’s become the go to item for my travel bag packing list. Awesome.

So what do you think? Want one? Of course you do. Be like Ed and just do the I’mPossible! Your high expectations will already be beaten as you click ‘purchase.’

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