Just keep looking up!

For my job, I found myself deep into the heart of London’s Central Business District, Aldgate. The area was changing to create more green spaces to appeal more to Londoners and tourists. Even though there are plenty of roadworks, city works, Aldgate still has the magical sightseeing touch. Ignore all the commotion on the ground, just keep looking up.


Because the skyscrapers are something else! With old buildings such as churches still remaining from its roots in history, there are plenty of business like skyscrapers that tower above you, giving you a sense of grandeur and power. I simply loved it.

Therefore, much to the amusement of my work colleagues as we trooped through the district, I had my camera out, snapping away. ‘Why are you being like a tourist, Ed?!’ they cried in despair.

I couldn’t help it. I was starstruck.

Here are my three favourite photos:





Beautiful isn’t it?

Have you been to Aldgate? What do you think of it?