Would you wait until you’re at the airport to find out where you’re going? After all, it’s a surprise trip!

No? Not even the thrill of the adrenaline rush of walking into the unknown with only mere hours before your scheduled flight you will be finally told the destination you will be flying out to?

I confess, this sounds quite ideal to me. In all of my travelling, my least favourite activity is being bogged down in front of the computer working out the logistics. Also, the Yorkshireman in me spends hours soul-searching whether the price of the flight and accommodation is worth it until sometime too late! Case in point: Recently, I left it until two days before my flight to Prague in Czech Republic to finally sort out my hotel! Talk about cutting it fine!


So, what’s this Surprise Trips all about then?


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Expedia has launched Surprise Trips – a unique travel booking engine that ‘puts the fun back into travel by sending customers to one of their 77 surprise European destinations!’.

What are the 77 European destinations? Well, it’s a surprise, people!

Expedia has built up research through their survey which shows 85% of travellers research their holiday destination months in advance (really?!), of which 25% of UK travellers say that the excitement of travel has been lost by an overload of information available online.

You know what, I agree.

What?! Shock and horror! Does that mean you shouldn’t be reading all these blogs and websites?

No, I think blogs are a great tool to get inspiration but not in terms of directing you how you should do your trip minute by minute. After all, there are hundreds of other websites who would gladly do that for you and I think that’s where the overload of information comes from.

So, it was a welcome idea that Surprise Trips caters to adventurous travellers that are fed up with researching and over planning trips. Once you book with Surprise Trips, the actual destinations (only in Europe, mind) remains a surprise until two hours before the plane departs and that’s when you will receive a reveal email. Tell me, that doesn’t get you excited!

With only flights from all major UK and Irish airports serving the best and the most fun European weekend break destinations requiring no visas, Surprise Trips will provide you with a return flights, three star hotel and (I like this) ‘endless anticipation’.


Will Surprise Trips be kind to my budget?


Yes! Surprise Trips cater to every wallet, meaning that the customers can set the budget themselves. Unfortunately, there is no free option!

So why not have a look at booking your surprising weekend away in Europe here: Surprise Trips


Being Surprised Myself


I didn’t know anything about Surprise Trips when I was walking around Central London with my arm out holding my phone revealing my Google Maps. It was a cold evening, and earlier on I got an email telling me to come to a secret location to find out the latest in travel. So, naturally, I was intrigued.

Finding the Hospital Club (interesting name!), I entered into a lavish floor with eclectic furniture and seating. There I handed all the information needed for Surprise Trips. ‘Ah, so that’s what’s it all about’ when I read with enthusiasm whilst helping myself to the English flavoured cocktails. (as you do.)


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With other travel bloggers arriving such as Hand Luggage Only, Roaming Required and my partner in crime, The Fly Away American, we were finally shown how Surprise Trips works through a video:



So, am I interested going on a Surprise Trip?

You bet I would be! 

Find out more here: Surprise Trips


Would you go on one? Let me know in the comments below