Did you know that at Helsingor, right at the northern tip of Zealand island, you can see two countries at once?

I’m not kidding you.

First off, wherever you are, you’re standing on a country so this time around it is Denmark. But across the strait of Oresund you can actually see another Scandinavian country that is Sweden. Namely the land called Scania.

Go back a few hundred years and it wasn’t actually Sweden. Scania used to belong to Denmark!

So, with brilliance in their minds, they decided to impose a shipping toll on any sea-faring vessel that passed through the strait of Oresund. There, they made a lot of money!

The coast line is pretty beautiful to walk on, particularly with Elisnore Castle (of Hamlet fame) in the background. It will provide you a pleasant hour in the morning as you wait for Elisnore Castle to open after arriving at Helsingor town, a mere 40 minutes from Copenhagen.

You could say that I was awestruck by the Nordic beauty of the sea, with the power of the water coursing through the strait.


I realised that my dream would come true to be a part of that world.


I would be making my debut to pose as a well-known Disney princess.

The Little Mermaid.

Don’t you just agree how stunning it looks?

Now that’s a great hour to spend before exploring the castle and get the fresh salty air in your lungs!

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