It’s no secret that I utterly adore and love New Zealand. It’s my favourite country so far to date after travelling for the last five years, exploring six continents and over forty countries. But could I emigrate to New Zealand?

I remember on the last day of my time in New Zealand, I was sat at a bus stop in Auckland ready to get the shuttle to the airport to fly to Fiji and I was solely tempted to rip up my round the world ticket there and then and stay in New Zealand indefinitely. Of course, I couldn’t stay there for ages, I had to renew my visas etc. But what about emigrating?

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I confess at the time, I didn’t know how I could go about it and didn’t have the resources on emigrating to New Zealand to hand. That’s probably why I begrudgingly carried on travelling. Also, my Mum would have killed me for staying at the other side of the world.

Now four years on, I still ponder that question, and thanks to the Ready Steady Store, they provided me with a quick infographic to let me know just exactly what I needed to do to emigrate to New Zealand.

Let’s check it out!


Guide to use to emigrate to New Zealand


The Quick and Easy Guide to Emigrating
Provided by Ready Steady Store


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