Now that Kingston Upon Hull is in full swing to prepare for the 2017 City of Culture status, (did you see the Place des Anges at the weekend?!), all eyes are turned to the Old Town that has seen significant moments of history such as the start of the Civil War at the plotting room in a pub upstairs and also where the leader in abolishing slavery across the British Empire resided.

So, how can you follow these moments in one route? Easy. You’d want to go on the Fish Trail.

All you have to do is find the fish and explore the city. An A-Z of fish to discover whilst touring the historic Old Town of Hull. With 41 pieces of sculpture made from traditional materials, the artist Gordon Young created this trail in 1992 representing the actual size of the fish with life-sized pieces such as an eel or a 10ft ray! You’ll also discover to your amusement his sense of humour as he strategically places the fish outside a venue that could closely resemble each other such as a shark outside a bank and an electric eel outside an electricity sub-station!

Free of charge, all you need to do is pick up the map from the local tourism board and once complete, you can receive a free certificate from them too to display as your prized possession on your wall.


I did it. And I made this video (whilst pretending to be a shark/fish weird hybrid creature. All for you. Enjoy.



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