Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. So old but yet so hip. From the streets of Gamla Stan, to Södermalm and the younger areas in the southern suburbs. 

I am just going to cut right to the chase. To explore Stockholm you either need a lot of money for a cab or the SL – card, the oystercard of Stockholm. So, before exploring, buy a card and get a map of the Subway network. You can buy these at the Pressbyrån shops in almost every station or in the machines in the stations. We have the red, the green and the blue line, all accessible at the central station, T centralen. With the SL card it is possible to go by metro, bus, tram and ferry, all over the county.


Check out the following free wifi – McDonalds and Urban Deli Sveavägen among others have free wifi.


Stockholm’s Underground


What does Super Mario and a rainbow have in common?

Underground Art on the Stockholm Metro line


Stockholm underground stations are famous for one thing and that is its extensive collection of art ranging from paintings and sculptures to art installations.




While you are underground, what better than to explore the free art of the station? Free of charge, SL give guided art tours in both Swedish and English. A big part of the underground net is yet to be explored, even for me and I am particularly curious about Thorildsplan where Super Mario plays a big part of the design. Another cool dream is to take a selfie below the rainbow in the station Stadion.




SL – tours – Between the 2nd of June and 30th of August the screenings take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 13.30 in Swedish and in English at 15:00. You can meet up always at T-Centralen, SL Center Sergel Square, and the only thing needed is an SL ticket. The tour takes about an hour and cover different lines and art.



My favourite stations, at the moment, is Stadion with its blue walls and rainbow across the roof, Solna station with its red walls and Hallonbergen that looks like a Kinder-garden.

Situated one stop from T centralen by either the red or green line will be Gamla Stan when heading south, known to English speaking people as Old Town or the place where the Stockholm bloodbath started.  With its own metro station it is basically impossible not to find easily. Just follow the crowd. Here the houses are so yellow you will smile and the prices so high it will just rub that smile right of your face. But, luckily for you, it is totally free to walk down the streets looking at tourists checking out the souvenir shops of Västerlånggatan and Stortorget or sneaking up the alley of Mårten Trotzig.

When in Gamla Stan, the first thing to try out is Pharmarium, a cute pub located in an old pharmacy on Stortorget The drinks doesn´t get more advanced than this. With smoke, cotton candy or viol flavoured pearls Pharmarium specializes in hand crafted drinks for reasonable price, Stockholm wise.




Oddities What about a guided ghost walk?  Or a roof top tour?


Classics of Stockholm


In the Old town you can check out the castle or the touristshops of Västerlånggatan.

Within walking distance you can find young and hip Södermalm, which in reality is basically as old as the Old Town, but reborn in recent years hence the young age. Here you will find the people with thick glasögonbågar, cool clothes, with their hair in a knot on their head, having a vegan dish with hand crafted beer at the pub Omnipollos hatt, a cute pizza and pub in located in the right place, in the slopes Hökens gata heading up to Mosebacke square.




Södermalm will rob you of your heart, making sure that you never dream of any other city again. The amazing views and architechture when taking a walk alongside Södermälarstrand will make sure of that.




Oddities – the foodcourt Teatern located in the mall Ringen, the small playground with wooden figures at Bryggartäppan, the liquorice kiosk at Folkungagatan, the boat hostels along Söder Mälarstrand, the mountain Skinnarviksberget.

Classics – Mosebacke square, Katarina hissen, Urvädergränd, Fjällgatan, Tavastgatan, Bastugatan, Monteliusvägen, Södra Teatern.

Bandhagen – Stockholms own Brooklyn? What do you think?

While at Södermalm you will have passed to the south side and now it is possible to continue with the southern line towards Hagsätra to the up and coming areas surrounding Bandhagen/ Högdalen/ Rågsved.




Here you will find four of my favorite Stockholm sites with the graffiti street, Snösätra, gränd in Bandhagen (an ongoing art project), the Highvalley skatepark perfect for portrait photography, Babas burger restaurant, a price worthy burger alternative and in Hökarängen you will find really good ceviche worth a detour.




Hope you enjoy my guide to Stockholm and will add some of your own favourites to the list at your next visit!


Thanks to Katarina, a local Swedish blogger residing in Stockholm for providing me with this amazing guide to explore while I’m in this amazing Swedish city for the next week. You can check out her fantastic work here: