Oh yes, it can’t get any more handsome if the handsome travel blogger is at the ABBA Museum at Stockholm!

Based at Pop House, ABBA: The Museum is on the island of Djurgarden, slam-bang in the middle of the national city park in Stockholm. A focal meeting point for Swedish music, the Pop House presents four different exhibitions about Swedish pop music including… you’ve guessed it, ABBA!

Also, you can check out the ‘History of Swedish Music’, ‘Good Evening EUROPE!’ 60 years of the Eurovision Song Contest (YES!). You’ll certainly be totally excited like me. Even at one point the staff at Pop House told me to contain myself and true to form, told me in incredulous disbelief that I am a total drama queen after seeing me on stage performing ABBA.

Yes, you can sing! You can dance in their costumes, record an ABBA song (I chose Dancing Queen naturally, and proceeded to crack all glass within 50 metres) and even perform on a stage with the holograms of ABBA! Check this nifty video out from Seniority here:



It’s a great stop on your visit to Stockholm in Sweden, as not only it has the exhibitions but also a hotel, restaurant and bar.


Tickets and Opening Hours


For opening hours, check out out Pop House’s website here:

Tickets to the exhibitions is SEK 195 for adults. For ABBA Museum, please check out here:

It is STRONGLY recommended that you buy a ticket in advance as a surcharge of SEK 10-20 will be added on top.


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Okay, I mean ABBA: The Museum. Not the pop group… sorry!





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