Many people love the idea of travelling to different places, but what happens if you don’t have anybody to go with you? Maybe you’re longing for a week away in a hot, sunny place, but none of your friends have got enough money to join you. Many people get a bit worried at the idea of travelling solo as they think that they’ll be too lonely to enjoy themselves. Not to mention, who takes photos of you when you’re travelling on your own? But, travelling solo can also be one of the best things that you’ll ever do. That’s why we’ve put together these great tips to ensure that you’re never lonely during your solo trip.


Grand Canyon


Group Activities


Even if you’re travelling solo, who’s to say that you have to do everything on your own? Wherever you’re planning to travel to, there’s bound to always be some sort of group activity, such as guided tours, available to both solo and group travellers. Even if you simply take a tour on an open-top bus, you’ll probably find somebody who you can talk to. Click the link for more information on guided tours. Making sure that you’re doing things with other people around rather than simply spending a lot of time on your own can ensure that you’re never lonely thanks to all the great new friends that you meet. Classes, for example cooking classes where you’ll learn how to put together some great local dishes, are great ways to meet new people and have a great time.


Stay in a Hostel


If you really don’t want to be lonely during your solo trip, one of the best things to do is stay at a hostel. Youth hostels and backpacker’s hostels are some of the best ways to meet like-minded people, and they’re also a firm favourite with solo travellers meaning that you’ll probably be able to find more people in the same situation as you who you can buddy up with. Many solo travellers meet lifelong friends at hostels, as you quickly form friendships and bond, especially if you do a lot of things together during your trip.


Make Friends with the Locals


When you’re travelling alone, it’s not only fellow travellers who you can meet, but also the locals who live in the area that you’re visiting, too. Making friends with the locals, whether you spend your time in bars and restaurants frequented by them or even try couch surfing or AirBnb to stay with them, is great as local friends can give you a lot of first hand recommendations and warn you about any tourist traps that you could end up falling victim to. Not only that, but having local friends means that you can learn a lot more about the area and the local culture.

Travelling alone definitely doesn’t mean that you have to be alone all the time! With so many new people to meet, solo travellers can get involved and meet with not only fellow travellers, but also local residents.