A singles adventure holiday can be an incredibly fun and fulfilling experience. A unique way of travelling; they are not only a terrific way to meet other single people, but they can also provide you with valuable experiences where you can explore the world and even find out more about yourself.

With such a diverse landscape and so many wonderful places to visit; the USA is the ultimate destination for a singles adventure holiday. These are the best places to visit for single people.


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon


A truly breathtaking sight to behold and something that everybody should experience at some point; the Grand Canyon is a great place to visit whilst on a singles adventure. In addition to a great sight, you can also have fun and walk around the national park and descend the canyon.  There are also many more great areas to explore near here.


Jackson Hole


Found in Wyoming, Jackson Hole is an area of rugged natural beauty. It is also a great place for adventure seekers, as here you can try your hand at a range of water-sports, nature hikes and skiing and snowboarding in winter. There is also beautiful wildlife, so be sure to bring your camera. This all makes it a great place for a singles adventure where you are sure to make friends.




Up in the Northwest, Seattle is a stunning city with plenty to see and do. Not only does it have a distinctive and electric city atmosphere, but it is also surrounded by lush forests, water and mountains. This combination of nature and metropolis make it a brilliant and unique city which is perfect for singles.


New York City


One of the most iconic and romantic places on the planet; New York is an amazing place to explore as part of a singles adventure. There are endless activities and sights to see, plus it is also a great place to make new friends and perhaps meet that special someone in one of the many romantic areas of the city.


New Orleans


New Orleans is famed for being one of the most fun cities in the world. This makes it a great destination for a singles adventure, and you are sure to make many happy memories here and meet many new friends. Not just this, but there is also plenty to explore and other areas within the South West are easily accessible.

These are the best destinations for those going in a singles adventure. For the best experience, it is worth booking a singles tour organised by specialists, like Grand American Adventures. This way, you join a group of like-minded travellers and can explore all of the above areas and everywhere in between.