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‘My eyes must be bigger than my stomach right about now!’

I murmured as my eyes widened even more greatly as I spied the big bowl of steaming Old Bohemian soup coming my way through the nooks and crannies of the Restaurant Zvonice, carried by a really lovely looking waiter who expertly dodged the small bells that hung in the place. My lips pressed back the excess saliva that threatened to drool over these natural dams and drip onto my napkin already stuffed in the neck of my shirt.

Here I was in the middle of Eating Prague Tours and already, I was totally loving getting all the Central and Eastern Europe food…well… in my belly.

Just to get your tastebuds started off, check out this quick video below:



I had already been on an Eating Europe tour before but in London:

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But, this time I was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in Central/Eastern Europe and I suddenly grew a huge appreciation for Eastern European food, often wrongly remarked on as boring, bland and full of turnip.

Eating Prague changes your perception. They claim that this city is waiting to be discovered that’s full of mystery and intrigue about the way the locals here eat. So enter, this food tour who will explore the Old and New Towns of Prague with you and guide you to find a rare mix of old world charm and fascinating recent history. You could be walking along the cobblestone streets and be experiencing the culture from all restauranteurs whilst enjoying the delicious delicacies of Czech cuisine.

Okay, this was a challenge I wanted to take on.

And you know what?

They were right.

Meeting locals behind the scenes, I was able to find out why such food are in this beautiful bohemian city and offering their spin on what the taste of Prague is.

So, on this four-hour guided walking tour, I would receive plenty of authentic food tastings such as yummy Czech desserts, open-faced sandwiches, delicious cured meats and more. Also, I would learn about the history of Prague through their cafes and restaurants such as one dating back to the beginning of the 20th century that played host to dozens of famous historical figures.

It’s time to stop being a tourist as I had been doing in my few days in Prague and experience the real life behind.

Come on, guys, let’s start this tour.


Pernickuv Sen (Gingerbread Cafe)



The perfect start to any food tour I reckon. Feeling like a naughty and giggling school kid, I walked over the threshold to be greeted by my guide on this Eating Prague food tour. He could see I was pretty ravenous, having not eaten anything for breakfast that day and pushed me towards the delicious biscuits that awaited me.


Eating Prague Tour


While I waited for the other food tourists to arrive, I chatted to the two sisters-in-law that run this bakery called Helena Novakova and Katerina Lipserova. They were single-handedly reviving Prague’s gingerbread tradition using the prime ingredients of nothing more than honey, butter and nuts thrown in with the peppery spices that makes your taste buds feel like they are at children’s party.

But, guys, when the other food tourists arrived, we all agreed that you need to definitely try their authentic recipe with plum jam and walnuts. This is surely gonna make you drool… but not before trying their best poppy-seed kolache in town!

“It’s thanks to our customers’ smiles that we’re able to revive Prague’s ancient gingerbread tradition.”
– Helena Nováková and Katerina Lipšerová


Eating Prague Tours




The hottest new entrant to the Prague food scene, Sisters is a cafe founded by Hana Michopulu, a famous Czech food journalist and the ‘mother of Prague farmers markets.’

“The bistro Sisters is my tribute to Czech traditional fast food. I put in it all I’ve learned about food so far.”
– Hana Michopulu


Eating Prague Tours


So, what’s so special about them?

As we stamped our feet on this chilly day in the arcade of the building where Sisters adjoined, we were soon greeted with a table laden out with the best classic chlebicky around in the Czech Republic.

True story.



Chlebicky are open-faced sandwiches. But these ones came with a gourmet twist thanks to Hana. She provided us with three different favourites all sourced with fresh local ingredients. They are mostly eaten as snacks or lunch (please, I’d still want loads more for lunch!) and are traditionally topped with cold meats, cheeses and devilled eggs. However, as the food scene in Czech Republic is becoming more eclectic and gourmet, more innovative toppings are presented to us whether they are goat’s cheese and beetroot, pickled herring (YUM!) or even wasabi!

But remember guys, eat them slowly and savour the taste. They are that yummy that I simply wanted to shovel all of them in… particularly the herring topped ones!

Actually, any of them will do!


Eating Prague Tours


Nase Maso


We didn’t have far to go to our next food stop. Already, I was totally surprised that the Czech Republic really does have a culinary scene. But this next stop, at Nase Maso completely blew my mind, particularly as I think it’s a MAN’s food stop!

Nase Maso is a butcher’s shop but you’d think a famous supermodel has entered the shop thanks to its popularity with locals who simply cannot get enough of the ‘maso’ (that’s meat in Czech!).


Eating Prague Tours


Not only you could try their saliva inducing Prague ham and Prestice sausage… actually just check this out and ‘savour’ the moment (see what I did there?).


Eating Prague Tours


Now, where was I?

Oh yes, you can actually see the artisan butchers at work through the window in the back of the shop and watch them cut the best ‘maso’ in town!


Eating Prague Tours


“When I was a little kid, I used to go fishing with my father. When we fed the fish properly, the fish bit well. Now, we do the same with people – if we give them good food, they come back and ask for more.”
– František Kšána


Restaurant Zvonice


Now truly whetted our appetite with our starters, it was time to go to our first sit down food stop on the tour, which is at Restaurant Zvonice!

But did you know it’s one of the most best kept secrets in the culinary scene of Prague? Well, where is it?!

That’s why you have to go with Eating Prague Tours. They will tell you where the best places to eat is.

Discover the old world charm in this restaurant upon the top of a clocktower with the old-fashioned bells clanging around you after you climb the arduous steps to get to the top!

Here, you’ll find the best Old Bohemian soup in the world. No word of a lie.


Eating Prague Tours


“Our chef makes the best sauerkraut soup in the world.”
– Lukáš Křížek


I simply cannot reveal to you where the location is. I’ve been sworn to secrecy!


Styl and Interier


Eating Prague Tours


Now winding up on our Eating Prague tour, we took a quick stop at Styl and Interier, a secret courtyard cafe with an eclectic garden to explore. Slam dunk in the middle of Prague’s New Town, this is a great place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the touristy side of the capital city of Czech Republic and sit back with a few delicious appetisers with a Czech tipple!


Cafe Louvre


Finally, we come to the big finish.

And my, what a finish it is!

First of all, Cafe Louvre looked luxury personified from the outside, your expectations growing and you’re getting pretty excited to find out what’s in store outside.

So you should be:


Eating Prague Tours


In business since 1902, Cafe Louvre takes its name after the world’s most famous gallery. When you enter, you’ll feel like you’re walking in the footsteps of history and ready to be seated at the table with famous thinkers from the last century including Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka and Karel Capek. Personally, seat Kylie Minogue at the table too, and we’ll all have a right laugh!

“Words can’t describe the dish – you just have to taste it!”
– Roman Fous

So, this quote.

That’s really setting the benchmark high and I was worried that the food that was about to come wouldn’t meet my expectations.

I needn’t have worried:


Eating Prague Tour


First of all, I had Czech Dumplings, braised beef and cranberry compote.

It’s REALLY filling.

Even I couldn’t eat the whole damn thing and that’s a huge rarity for me!

But I’ll tell you this. Roman Faus was right, I couldn’t describe this dish. With a cacophony of tastes, sweet and bitter rolled into one, I just couldn’t make my mind up yet I enjoyed the party that was going on in my mouth. (With added saliva drool, of course)

And I’ve got a confession.

Plus an apology.

There’s was another dish too. It’s the jablecny zavin, which means ‘apple strudel’ in Czech. So, where’s the photo to show you this extremely delicious dish that I wanted to take to bed with me?

I forgot.

Forgot to take a picture of it.

I’m not sure what happened. All I remember is picking up the spoon and before I knew it, the whole thing was gone and I had my group staring at me with amazement. Apparently, the food lasted under one minute. It was THAT good.

Undoing a notch on my belt, I let my sagging belly out of my jeans and groaned with satisfaction.

That was it. That’s the end of this Eating Prague Tour.




I would definitely recommend this Prague eating tour to anyone who would like to see a different side to the city. A fantastic way of escaping the tourists, you’ll tour with an expert and knowledgeable local tour guide who will show you the hidden and unexpected secrets. And you’ll get to savour mouth-watering delicious delicacies too.

Great service, great value and such great fun!

I give 5 out of 5 stars!

Now, can I go on the tour again?


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