Scenic trekking, huge waterfalls, the amazing northern lights and famous blue lagoons, there’s no wonder Iceland is one of the most popular adventure holiday destinations right now. I should know, I’ve been to Iceland recently and LOOOOOOVED it!

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With an abundance of raw natural wonders to be explored and the opportunity to tick off some of the world’s rarest experiences in just one holiday, Iceland is one of the world’s most popular adventure holiday destinations to explore, here’s why:

Wildlife Spotting




Iceland offers a unique experience for spotting marine wildlife. Whale watching in the rich, cold waters is a must with so many different species living there. From the humpback to the orca, Iceland’s cool waters provide a perfect natural habitat for whales and white beaked dolphins and there’s plenty of opportunity to spot them in the summer months from April right through to September with boat trips going out every day.


Geothermal Waters


Iceland in the Summer


Iceland’s geothermal waters are world famous and whilst there every adventure seeker needs to take a dip. Bathing in the blue lagoon’s milky blue waters is a once in a lifetime experience where you’re surrounded by amazing nature in an oasis of tranquil relaxation. Adventure seekers will love the opportunity to admire the lava fields and plentiful hot springs whilst floating in the warm waters.


The Northern Lights

The main reason Iceland attracts so many thrill seekers each year is thanks to the amazing northern lights which illuminate the skies from October through to March. The amazing phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, is an incredible experience that adventure seekers will love to witness. With Exodus, you can book go on an Iceland Adventure tour with opportunities to see the amazing world famous lightshow.




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Complete with geysers and impressive waterfalls, the Icelandic climate is amazing for trekking thanks to the rugged terrain. From the Thorsmork Valley to the Kerlingarfjoll Volcano, there are so many different treks with spectacular scenery surrounding them, it’s the perfect country to explore thanks to its rich diversity. From the incredible 60km high Skogafoss Waterfall to the glacial rivers below, there’s so much to see and explore it’s an adventure lover’s paradise.

With all these stunning geographical delights in one place it’s easy to see why Iceland is so popular with adventure seekers. To experience so many different once in a lifetime experiences in one country is unheard of, so why not experience it yourself by heading to Iceland on a fun filled adventure holiday.


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