Okay, guys, it’s time to head on over to the Caribbean for some much-needed travel inspiration! Can you believe that I haven’t been to this part of the world yet?

This is Cuba.

With its infectious party atmosphere, crystal clear beaches, exciting history and gorgeous architecture it’s easy to see why Cuba is one of the best places in the world to visit. Its 1950’s style vibe is unlike anywhere else in the world. But since the embargo with the US has been lifted this could all be about to change.



Credit: Thomas Münter


Finca Vigia


The Cuban home of author Ernest Hemmingway is one of the best timeless places to visit in Cuba. With an amazing literary heritage and preserved to look exactly the way it did when Hemmingway made it his home, it’s a wonderful and timeless place to visit. With outstanding panoramic views of Havana, inside you can see his original type writer, hunting trophies and weapons. There’s also thousands of his books and clothes still there so it’s a real trip back in time.




Classic cars, incredible cocktails and a rich history, there’s no place on earth like Havana. A place preserved since the socialist revolutions Havana exists in a period of time when Cadillac’s lined the streets, salsa rhythms reverberate through the air and modern technology has yet to infiltrate everyday life. Havana is the ultimate Cuban destination to really experience the timeless nature of the island and find out all about its incredible history. With relations with America having improved dramatically over the past few years it’s uncertain how long Cuba is going to stay in its 1950s time warp for, so visiting is recommended as soon as possible to experience the Cuba that we know and love today.




It’s known as the ‘City Museum of Cuba’ with a reputation for being the best preserved colonial town on the island, you’ll really feel like you’ve really been in a time warp when you visit Trinidad. The cobbled streets in the Spanish colonial settlement are some of the oldest and most traditional Cuban untouched streets waiting to be explored. As a world heritage site, Trinidad has remained much the same since 1850 when the famous Cuban sugar industry declined. Its timeless appearance and Cuban charm means once you arrive you’ll see the beautiful old buildings lining the incredible town squares and want to stay in the time warp forever.

With these 3 places in mind, visit timeless Cuba today with Cuba Holidays to experience a country with such an exciting and interesting history you’ll never want to leave.


So, how about it, fancy coming on a holiday with me to Cuba?