Now guys, if you know me, you know I like a bit of adventure! So, adventure holidays is something I simply cannot say no to, particularly as I’m now planning my 2017 holidays. Could it be bungee jumping? Could it mean going on another cruise again? Or another epic trip like I did with Trek America in 2015 (That seems ages ago!)


Monument Valley


If you’re looking to push yourself physically, or just see as much of what the world has to offer as you can, then adventure holidays are the way to go, but finding the right one can be a challenge. The first thing to think about is what you want out of your trip, and then you can look at destinations and packages to see what matches up.


Activity-Focused Holidays


Whether it’s a package trip or you’ve just kept your eye out for everything you can possibly do when planning, some adventurers just need to keep moving and experiencing and doing to get the most out of their holiday. You can find or plan trips around a single activity (after nearly seventy walking tours I can safely say that hiking trips are a really rewarding way to see the world) or just try to find as many new experiences clustered around some main destination as you can and try your hand at everything.

Bit like me with Bungee jumping hence why I made sure to visit Queenstown in New Zealand.


Nevis Bungee Jump, Traveliversary

Nevis Bungee Jump




People often raise an eyebrow at this one but my own experience of cruises has proven that if you want to see some of the real wonders of the world you have to take to the sea. I simply adored the Norwegian Fjords (watch this space for a blog post on this soon!) and it was such an activity that can only be done!

Seeing the majestic fjords and its natural splendour, all on one trip is unforgettable. And don’t forget that the time you spend ashore can be just as memorable as the time on deck, and long distance cruises can let you see a vast array of different cultures and landmarks.


Norwegian Fjords


 Road Trips


When I say road trips I don’t necessarily mean a trip by car, although you can make one that way if that’s what suits you. I mean a trip that’s more about the route, and seeing and doing as much as you can on it, than it is about the destination. After all, why visit one city when you can visit an entire region? Package holiday companies like Trek America offer tours of specific routes through iconic and breathtaking landscapes, stopping to sample every kind of local flavour, historical curiosity and natural wonder that the area has to offer, so if you’re looking to see and do as much as you can in a limited time this is a great way to go.


Grand Canyon
So come on then, what’s YOUR adventure holiday you want to do!