‘Wait? Where are we going on our Surprise Trips?’ 

I glanced over at Jess of the Fly Away American, who equally stared back at me as we observed the departures boards at Stansted airport. My phone was gripped in my hand, waiting to tell me where I would be going in just one hour’s time.

C’mon, c’mon!

I muttered oddly to myself, in the hope that Surprise Trips would pick up my impatience and send me that reveal email as planned on this warm June day. We must have looked like a sight, two people forever endlessly staring up, with all their luggage with them packed for a weekend.

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Could it be Malta? Spain or perhaps even Edinburgh? We simply didn’t know. All we knew is that come in one hour, we would find out and explore in a weekend one European destination that sleepily awaited us.

Want to know where we went? I’ve got even one better for you. Here’s a feature-length video that will astound just where we went.



There you have it! We went to Ljubljana in Slovenia! I would really recommend a trip there for a weekend.

Here are the resources you can find for your stay in Ljubljana and a trip out to Lake Bled!

Austria Trend Hotel: Website

Ljubljana Walking Tour: Free Tour

Visit Ljubljana: Website information


However, what about Surprise Trips? Would I recommend using them? 


You know what? I really enjoyed not knowing where I was going! The hotel was booked for you, the flight was booked for you and all you needed to do was turn up at the airport two hours before your flight. It was that easy. So, yes, I would say that I will use them again! But perhaps Cyprus pretty, please?

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Have you been on a Surprise Trip?