‘Just call me a dancing queen!’

I screamed in delight as flashes of disco lights lit up the room and my eyes, entranced, followed the glitter of the glitter ball that hung above me. I swept down to the floor on my knees and thrust my arms up in the air, whipping my head back, as the opening melodies of ‘Dancing Queen’ suddenly erupted in this disco room.

Many visitors looked on, bemused, at the lanky six-foot British guy, who minutes ago were snapping pictures discretely in a quiet corner, turned into a camp egomaniac making shapes on the dance floor.

This, my friends, is what ABBA The Museum can do to you, right here in Stockholm, Sweden.



A popular feature in Pop House, located on the scenic island of Djurgarden in Central Stockholm also in their national park, ABBA the Museum is part of a meeting point for Swedish music, and presents four different exhibitions about Swedish pop music from ABBA to Avicii. The four exhibitions are:

  • History of Swedish Popular Music – presenting artists such as Rosette, Ace of Base, Europe and Robyn.
  • Good Evening Europe! – 60 years of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Swedish Music Hall of Fame
  • Lastly, not least, ABBA The Museum.


Of course, I was very interested in the last exhibition. Well, you would see that while I was gyrating in ABBA The Museum’s dance floor!

So, what did I do at ABBA The Museum on my three visits there (in one week!)?


ABBA The Museum


Experience what it really feels like to be the fifth member of ABBA! 


Oh my days, you did read that right! You do have a chance to sing with ABBA! Well, 3D digital life-sized hologram versions of them! When Senyorita and I had a chance to sing with them, we both rushed to the stage. Here’s a clip of our attempt:



We were well mesmerised and impressed with ourselves. Even so, with the laughing Swedish staff member who watched backstage to say:

‘She’s a good singer! But you, you’re the drama queen!’ 

Could you get up on stage to be with them?

Watch the full version here:



Record your ABBA song


ABBA The Museum


Not only you can dance and perform on stage with ABBA, but you can record your own ABBA Song too! Naturally, I chose the song that befitted me the most: Dancing Queen!

Bundling myself in the booth, shutting the red curtains behind me,



What do you think? Could I be a singer? (After you’ve let your ears bleed out first…)

But I didn’t stop for just one go, I did it with a group of people too! That’s how much confidence you get given to sing along with other people.


ABBA The Museum


Dress up in their legendary stage costumes


Yes, you can even do that! Unfortunately, as a bigger (and muscly man), I was unable to get into them. However, I did manage to see what I would look like through a face in a hole:


ABBA The Museum

Don’t I look great as Agnetha?


ABBA The Museum

Or how about Benny?


Wait for ABBA to call


ABBA The Museum


Yes, one of the members of ABBA can randomly call this telephone in ABBA The Museum, and what’s more, if you happen to be an unsuspecting tourist wandering past this phone, you can pick the phone up and speak to them for real! YES! For real! I waited for about half an hour, but I guess they must have been at the Mamma Mia Musical in London.


Pray to ABBA


ABBA the Museum


Get your fan girl moment on when you meet life sized figures of ABBA in this museum. I got a little bit crazy and started babbling on how I would cavort and dance to ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ in my underwear in my bedroom whilst holding a hairbrush. Yes, I can happily attest to this.


Listen to Benny playing live


ABBA The Museum


The piano in the museum is self playing and is currently connected to Benny’s studio. So, if he’s playing the keys, you’ll be able to hear in person in the museum too! Again, I waited for half an hour but no sign. Maybe he’s somewhere on the Greek islands?


Check out ABBA’s memorabilia


ABBA the Museum


If you feel you need to calm down after the exhilarating activities, you can browse through the memorabilia such as records, costumes, props and more while you shimmy your hips to ABBA’s music that is pumped through.

Or get on their helicopter. I’m NOT kidding!


ABBA the Museum


Take a photo with ABBA


ABBA the museum


There’s plenty of opportunities to take an iconic photo with ABBA. Just simply take a pose or a very refined pose that I’m taking above. The possibilities are endless!


So, there you have it! ABBA the Museum is probably one of the best museums I’ve been to. Heck, I even went three times when I was in Stockholm for a week! It was a complete dream of mine to celebrate ABBA and where better, than the museum in Sweden itself.

All I have to say is to ABBA The Museum is:

Thank you for the music!


ABBA the Museum


You can find out more about ABBA the Museum here:

Website: http://www.abbathemuseum.com

Facebook: AbbaTheMuseum

Instagram: abbathemuseum


Did you enjoy ABBA as much as we did? Tell me your experiences in the comments below!