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This article is a very special article as this has been written up by fellow bloggers who I really do admire and have followed for a long while. They are Agness and Cez of eTramping.com. Currently, they are travelling through Australia but I look forward to be meeting up with them up in Europe soon – perhaps a video guys? – and show you why they are amazing. Both of us have the same attitudes to life and we just adore going to places that are off the beaten track, discovering natural and man-made wonders that’s not really in the public eye. This, my friends, are the unreal destinations that eTramping hopes to inspire me and you to visit those places. Over to them!

Hey, everybody! Agness and Cez here – the tireless travelers of eTramping.com. Today we’re going to present you some unreal destinations that will make you wonder about a few things:

  • where have these places been all your life,
  • whether the pictures are real or just some really good Photoshop work,
  • when’s the next flight there?




Either way, there’s something in here for travelers of all types. Maybe you want a safe and traditional trip to familiar surroundings. Or, maybe you’d like something that brings out your inner adventurer.

We’ll start you off at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and slowly discover new unreal destinations along the way.


#1 Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia


With a salt flat surface of over 10,000 square km, the it is the largest place like this in the world. Visitors from around the world travel the flats in 4×4 trucks, as part of organized tours. That is about the only reliable way of doing it without getting lost in a literal salt desert. Unless you can carry tons of food and water around – and have some really great maps – we don’t recommend going alone.


Unreal destinations


What makes this destination so special is the effect rain has on the surface of the flat. People come here for the chance to take pictures on a massive mirror. If you manage to catch a particularly starry night after it has rained, you will feel like an astronaut staring out into space.

Need more inspiration? Read more of Two Scots Abroad’s take on their trip there: Magical Salar de Uyuni


#2 Santorini – Greece


This is a cozy little volcanic island off the coast of Greece. It’s one of the safer unreal destinations we’ve been talking about in the beginning.


Unreal destinations


The architecture alone should be reason enough to visit the island at least once. Whitewashed buildings and windmills adorn the view and make you feel like living in a real-life fairy tale. That’s probably one of the reasons why so many couples have their wedding photos here.

It’s also great that about 90% of what Santorini has to offer can be visited for free! Although it might seem like an area only frequented by rich people going on holiday, you don’t need to worry. The island can be enjoyed on a budget.

Want first hand experience of what Santorini is like? Read Adventurous Kate’s experience in Oia: Chasing sunsets in Santorini


#3 Antarctica


Sometimes it’s best to just get away from urban landscapes, no matter how beautiful they are. Antarctica is one of those unreal destinations that’s been barely touched by man. Don’t let the cold discourage you. A glance at the Aurora Australis will make you forget all about the world around you. You just need to time your trip right to catch it.


Unreal destinations


If you really enjoy winter and don’t mind the cold, you can give it a visit sometime. With an organized safari around November, you can also photograph these little rascals in the snow. Not only that – but many Antarctica cruises offer to take you whale watching! Feast your eyes on anything from Orcas to the mighty Blue Whale.

We’ll be on our way on an Antarctica expedition in January of next year. Keep an eye out on the eTramping website to see how our journey played out! In the meantime, you can check out another 10 reasons to visit Antarctica. Did you know you could get a certificate saying that you went swimming in the frozen waters? Talk about extreme souvenirs.


#4 Bryce Canyon – Utah


If you thought the Grand Canyon was impressive, wait till you see Bryce Canyon. You won’t believe the rock formations there are not actually man-made. Mother Nature herself actually crafted the funnily named hoodoos. Passionate hikers will enjoy the view from the naturally formed bridges around the area. Not only that, but this place houses some of the oldest trees in the world. Some Bristlecone pines are estimated to be 5,000 years old!


Unreal destinations


Here’s another interesting fact. Although the canyon is situated in the Utah desert, the elevation makes snow sports possible during winter! How cool is that? In any case, Bryce Canyon can pretty much impress anyone at any point during the day. The view is breathtaking – whether you like sunrises and sunsets, or you’re more of a stargazing type of person,

Actually, I’ve been to Bryce Canyon with Trek America! Read more about my scariest experience here: The scariest ride of my life


#5 Wulingyuan – China


We’re not going to lie; some of you may be terrified of the view. You can get a pretty impressive view of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon by walking on the glass bridge that’s open for tourists.


Unreal destinations


It’s the highest glass bridge in the world, so don’t stare down if you’re afraid of heights! Those looking for some extreme fun will enjoy this area. They offer bungee jumping and zip-lining on location. Take the chance to explore around the rainforest and sandstone pillars from a new and exciting perspective. Become the daredevil you’ve always wanted to be!


#6 The Grand Prismatic Ring – Yellowstone National Park


Do you like rainbows? Do you like national parks and hot springs? Then you will love the Grand Prismatic Ring in Wyoming. This dazzling spring is the largest in the United States and third largest in general. But that’s not what grabs your attention.


Unreal destinations


The colored stones which surround and give it its rainbow-like appearance are what make it one of the most unreal destinations by far. You might have to hike for a bit to get a decent view, but the trip is worth it. It’s also really close to the gigantic Old Faithful geyser so you can call it a double whammy and visit both attractions! Just a 15-minute drive separates the two.

On the other hand, you could also hike there in a couple of hours. If you time it just right, you might catch Old Faithful erupting.

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What Do You Think of These Unreal Destinations?


We’d say we’ve achieved our goal of covering something for every type of traveler. Hikers, architecture-lovers, daredevils, adventurers, and even people who just want to enjoy the view. Tell us how you feel about these places, and whether you’ve already picked a favorite among them. If you’ve already visited some of these – how was your trip? Leave us a comment; describe the experience! We’d love to hear about your adventures.