Have you ever organised a family holiday? I’ve been on one in the last year in Norway (watch this space for posts about this!) and let me tell you, it’s a pretty lengthy experience. So how about some hacks to get the process moving quicker?

Family holidays can get expensive and stressful pretty fast, so adopt these travel hacks to save a few extra pennies and keep things calm when hopping on a plane somewhere new with the kids in tow:


Choose a family friendly destination 


family holiday


When selecting where to go, be sure to choose somewhere kids can run free and are catered for. European resorts are the best option for this and you can usually find a good budget deal when browsing these. Here are the best three to consider:

Tenerife – Sandy beaches and water parks situated throughout the island make this a location perfect for families. You can grab a hotel for 7 nights, two adults and two children, from as little as £295 (information sourced via Travel Republic).

Disneyland Paris – Don’t buy direct from Disney, look for park ticket deals around school holiday times.

Spain – Mainland Spain has a lot to offer families, including lots of fun resorts and beaches to enjoy. How about a trip to Benidorm?

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Share the toiletries 


One of the heaviest elements when packing a suitcase comes from the toiletries you take, but you can lighten the load and the expense before your holiday if you plan to share all the main toiletries. Don’t worry about packing separate shampoos and conditioners, instead opt for an  all-round brand such as Head & Shoulders and pack one large bottle of this; the same rule applies for toothpaste, shower gel and after sun. Buy enough for everyone to share to make more room in the case for other things.


Pack a lunch


Airport and plane food is notoriously expensive, so pack a lunch to take in your carry on to cut costs. Bear in mind that all food must be sealed to be allowed through security, so pop into your local supermarket and grab a few meal deals to share out amongst you – you could even check the reduced section for cheaper sandwiches. However, you can also throw in crisps, chocolate bars and packets of biscuits to munch on during your wait and flight. Bear in mind that liquids cannot be taken through security, so you will have to pay for drinks in the airport.


Check passports way in advance 


There’s nothing worse than discovering a passport runs out of date just before a planned trip abroad and having to organise an emergency replacement or notice. These can be costly, so as soon as the holiday is booked check that everyone’s passports have at least six months left on them. If you are travelling to America it’s worth noting that you must have a biometric passport and this must be valid for another five years. The cost of an out of date passport or wrong type can be extremely costly, with emergency and fast track passport services costing between £103 and £128.


When it comes to planning a trip away, it pays to be prepared and look for hacks that can cut time and money. Remember these top tips and have an amazing holiday!

Do you have any more travel hacks for planning a family holiday? Why not write them in the comments below?