‘Woah, talk about luxury in the middle of nowhere!’

I exclaimed walking through the doorway into my pad at Forest Holidays in Forest of the Dean. Here, for the #DeanWyeBloggers trip (for more info on activities here, please see at the bottom of the post), this was a place to relax in stylish comfort from the high adrenaline activities we would be undertaking for the three days we would be here.


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


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What are Forest Holidays?


Set in nine locations across the UK, part owned by the Forestry Commission and set exclusively on their land, Forest Holidays features luxury log cabins (almost 600 of them now!) and a strong positive experience for visitors in their amazing forests to:

  • Support forests – helping to fund the work of the forestry commission
  • Support communities – neighbours to welcome them to the contribution they make to the local neighbourhood regions
  • Support local tourism – promoting UK tourism and championing local areas including Forest of the Dean.  
  • Support well-being – promoting evidence that spending more time in a natural environment has many benefits to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing (I can attest to this!)


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean



Escaping to the Forest in The Dean Wye Valley


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


I dropped my bags and stared around at the log cabin, almost in disbelief, as the luxurious feel crept into my bones. Could Forest Holidays be playing a prank on us? Surely, it can’t be THIS nice.

But I better believe it baby, I found my escape in the forest. I gave a grin to Tom of My Travel Mission, who I would be sharing over the weekend, and we rushed in expecting to bounce on the soft sofas that stood in stark comparison to the decoration of the living room.

It’s beautiful! 

My eyes raked the minimalist style, my voice box was strangely squealing with delight after breathing in the scented tree smells within, and my fingers spread wide on the clear glass of the extremely high windows that dominated over the living room, offering us fantastic views of the grounds outside. Apparently, we would be able to see deer and other wildlife amble outside. But that wasn’t the first thing that crossed my mind:

‘Tom, you know that we can’t be walking around naked if the curtains are open. The other log cabins will get a great view of us!’

He chuckled uncomfortably and walked off to inspect the bedrooms, possibly wondering how the heck he’s got me as a housemate after meeting me 10 minutes earlier.

But I digress.

I opened the back door and stepped out on the firm wooden terrace that also held a table, chairs and a BBQ point. There, I was close to nature, smiling as a flutter of tits landed on a perch on the other side. They fluttered away when I moved but as my footsteps echoed on the terrace, I was pleased to discover almost 360 views. Let’s get up early in the morning and discover the calm and wondering nature of the Forest of the Dean.

What about the rest of the log cabin?

Stepping through quickly the spacious living room, I found out that there were a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, a luxurious bathroom (with soap that truly scrubbed off the mud iron clay from my body from Clearwell Caves one day). I opted for the double bedroom after being wonderfully British with Tom (no, you can have it… no, you… I can have the twin…no, you!).


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


The bed was very soft, with lush pillows and clean crisp sheets that neither made you too hot or too cold. Oh, did I say that you could control each room’s temperature with your own thermostat? I had ample shelf space, and the mirror was big enough for my ego and its partner. There were plenty of plug points and lighting in the room including bedside tables. I do have to say that it was probably the nicest places that I’ve ever stayed in the UK that was relaxing, serene and comfortable.


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


What about the kitchen/dining area?

Adjoining the living area by a breakfast bar, the kitchen was fully stocked with everything you needed to spend a few nights away (equipment, not food!) and you do have the essentials needed for a BBQ night in. It was very clean, compact and had plenty of work space to prepare food on (or in our case, pop open a bottle of beer).

The living space had a wide-screen flat smart TV, which can act as an entertainment hub for the cabin for those rainy days when you can order a film or plug-in your other media sources too.

But the best feature of the living space?



Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


Two nights running, Tom and I undertook a duel of endurance, wit, and competition to win at Jenga. What I loved about this experience that it enabled us to connect with each other without any means of digital devices and have a laugh at each other’s expense. For me, that was a great night activity!


The Forest Holidays Forest of Dean site


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


Interestingly, as we walked around the site, we were reliably informed that there were 120 luxury log cabins in the Forest of the Dean location. We couldn’t actually see all of them, and that’s the point. They are designed that they are well hidden and blended into the forest as if they built around nature, respecting it. We marvelled as we looked at other log cabins with features including outdoor hot tubs, en-suite bathrooms, wood burning stoves and more. I became adamant to return back here only for the Golden Oak Treehouse which can only be connected via a wooden bridge to an exclusive romantic en-suite room for two.

I bet you’re feeling you want to come with me now, right? (Dating applications still continue to be open).

So, where is Forest Holidays in the Forest of the Dean?

Located on Bracelands Drive in Coleford in Gloucestershire (GL16 7NN), this can be easily accessible to the many activities the #DeanWyeBloggers undertook over the weekend including the Forest of Dean Adventure (the high ropes obstacle course is a definite must do!) within walking distance. A short drive will get you to Puzzlewood, Clearwell Caves, Pedalabikeaway mountain biking and more. Yet, you do get the feeling of being in the middle of no where.


Forest Retreat


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


One great feature of the Forest Holidays site in Forest of the Dean is the Forest Retreat. This is the main hub of the site, serving as the reception, shop, restaurant and a place to book your forest activities.

This was where I first met Tom at reception. I almost didn’t answer him when he said hello as I was too busy taking in the surroundings of the shop that sells local goods including pastries, cakes, gifts and more. That crate of cider brewed in the region was something I definitely had my eye on! But the smells of the restaurant, also serving local produce, would also have me salivating too!


Forest Holidays Forest of Dean


Breakfast the next day here is a definite must do. Before you go on your adventure activities in Forest of the Dean, you definitely need fuel for the day. I heartily recommend the Full Breakfast as this is a huge humungous plate of food that will have you grinning from ear to ear and your tastebuds will certainly thank you for it.

Another favourite feature of the Forest Retreat has to be meeting the forest ranger! Every Forest Holidays location has a Forest Ranger who you can join on adventures into the forest – a true expert that can educate you and your family/friends about the first, spot wildlife and learn about forest survival! (Call me the next Bear Grylls…or Tom Hardy, take your pick).

The lovely staff at the Forest Retreat will also be on hand to help advise you on what forest activities that you can undertake too.





To be honest, I was absolutely gutted when I had to leave! It was that good! I could easily see myself spending another week out here as there was so much stuff to do around Forest Holidays AND I could return in the evenings to relax and dine in style in one of the many luxury log cabins here. Perhaps, even spend watching the stars twinkle high above from the comfort of the hot tub? Yes, count me in, too.

I couldn’t find NO fault during my stay in Forest Holidays and I would happily return with a big smile on my face, ready for adventure, luxury and another big portion of their breakfast inside me!

For this, I award 5 out of 5 stars!


Your discount code for Forest Holidays


I’m pretty sure you’re hankering for a trip out to Forest Holidays in Forest of the Dean, right? Well, I’ve got something even BETTER for you, only exclusively to you, Rexy Readers!

Forest Holidays and I are pleased to give you 10% off your next booking using the code:


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The code needs to be entered at the time of booking and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. The offer is only valid for 10% off the price of cabins at the Forest of Dean location only. Offer expires 31/05/2017, holidays to be taken between 01/05/2017 until 31/08/2017 . Forest Holidays reserve the right to withdraw or amend this code at any time.


Forest of Dean Forest Holidays Contact Details


Website: https://www.forestholidays.co.uk/locations/heart-of-england-holidays/forest-of-dean-holidays

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForestHolidaysCabins

Twitter: https://twitter.com/forestholidays

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forestholidays/

Phone Number: 03330 110 495

Address: Forest Holidays Forest of Dean, Bracelands Drive, Christchurch, Coleford, Gloucester, GL16 7NN


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I just want to say a huge big thank you to Forest Holidays for giving me a luxurious and serene experience and for being your awesome selves! 

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This article has been produced as part of a blogging series in partnership with the DeanWye Tourism Board. Forest Holidays gave me two nights free stay in exchange for an honest review, As always, all of the content and opinions in this post are my own.