So. Fishing.

Is this an adventure activity? You bet it is.

Among all the sports, fishing is probably the most tranquil, even when during competitions. You are standing on your fishing kayak, throwing the line, waiting for fish to get curious enough to bite the bait. When you feel that gentle tug, there is an excitement that starts to boil inside of you. Then you finally reel that fish in, at first it fights you off, but that difficult tug-o-war with them is worth it when you finally have your catch on your hands.




I do remember getting my first fishing rod from my uncle when I was a young lad (gawd, I sound old) and hanging over the edge of a bridge in the Lake District in the UK. It’s a part of being in the good old outdoors and ever since then, and especially now when I’m in search of a relaxing adventure, I wonder where to go to feel the tug of that first bite, giving you a rush of adrenaline.

If you are someone who enjoys fishing, then I’m told that the best place to be is in Colorado in the US. You will get the chance to catch one of 35 species of fish in the state, including the popular rainbow trout (yummy!). So other than the best cabin rentals in Colorado, the place offers reservoirs, countless lakes, and about 6,000 miles of stream.

In this article, we will show you five fishing hotspots to visit where you can find yourself in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park


At least four species of trout live in the Rocky Mountain National Park: rainbow, brown, cutthroat, and brook. Of the 156 lakes in the park, you can fish at 48 of them; however, the higher the altitude, the harder it is to catch fish. The Rocky Mountain National Park promotes sport fishing, but they balance the stock of fish in the lakes with the number of people fishing through restoring native species.


Georgetown Lake


In Georgetown Lake, you will not just catch rainbow and brook trouts, but you can also try to lure a Kokanee Salmon with your bait. Just like the Rocky Mountains, Georgetown Lake has been a fishing friendly site for a long time because of stocking. Moreover, they close certain areas of the lake and has put a cap on how many trouts people can bag home (5 trouts, no limit for Kokanee Salmon, and Brook trouts are catch and release only). For detailed regulations, you can visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks website.


Blue Mesa Reservoir


The Blue Mesa Reservoir is located at True, Colorado. If the previous hot spots offer lots of trout catches, at Blue Mesa, you can expect to find lots of Kokanee Salmon. In fact, the reservoir is home to the largest Kokanee Salmon fishery in the US. It is 29 miles long and has countless canyons you can go to. Unsurprisingly, Blue Mesa Reservoir is considered “legendary” as it is stocked with millions of fish every year.


Grand Lake


Apart from Brook, Rainbow, Brown trout and Kokanee Salmon, you can also catch Mackinaw at the Grand Lake in Granby. Considered to have be the largest and deepest natural body of water, Grand Lake can offer fishing enthusiasts more than 500 surface acres. This vast lake gets its water from the snow melting from the Continental Divide and the waters of the Colorado River. You will surely enjoy gliding through on your fishing kayak when you spend your afternoons here.


John Martin Reservoir State Park


For even more variety, anglers can visit John Martin Reservoir State Park. Here you can catch Catfish, Bass, Crappie, and Wiper fishes. Additionally, if you have friends who love birdwatching, the reservoir is filled with more than 370 documented species of birds. You can also get the chance to hike the 4.5 mile trail, just to take a break from sitting at the fishing kayak, and see the reservoir from a different standpoint.


South Boulder Creek


If you are just starting, this may be the best place to get your feet wet. South Boulder Creek offers year-round fishing, which means it is full of Rainbow Trout ready for the taking. There are three parts to the South Boulder Creek, each offering a different kind of fishing experience:

Upper section: Fishing difficulty here is easy. The upper section is from the vehicle bridge upstream up to the park boundary. Be careful though, because if you go beyond the boundary, you will be considered trespassers. So be wary of signs!

Middle section: You can locate the middle section from the vehicle bridge downstream up to the footbridge by the Bastille. It is dubbed the “commando fishing”, mainly because you have to navigate your way through rocks and boulders just to fish.

Lower section: This is located from the footbridge down to the park boundary by the entrance station. For anglers who just want to relax, this is the best place since there are only a couple of dams for good fishing.


Horsetooth Reservoir


You can catch various fishes at Horsetooth Reservoir, which mainly includes: Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Smallmouth, Walleye, Bass, and Trout. It is also open for fishing all year-round, but you have to note the bag limits. The Walleye has a 5 fish bag limit, but has not size restriction and the minimum size for Smallmouth is 12”. For a more detailed list of regulations, you can check out the Horsetooth Reservoir brochure.


Gunnison Gorge


Considered to be one of the best fishing sites in Colorado, Gunnison Gorge Wilderness has won an award for their Trout fishery. But more than just sitting on a fishing kayak to wait for Trout, visitors can also choose to go whitewater boating or hunting for elk and deer.


Fishing is one of few activities that you can do with your family that is not too strenuous, so you can all enjoy the views and the catch while bonding with each other.  So visit any of these destinations and let these Colorado fishing hot spots take you to a unique fishing and family experience.

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