Travel Blogs

Not only have I been quiet and going on mini breaks to Europe, there are other blogs which I have been actively following that to me oozed awesomeness in March 2018. Check them out here:

Mrs Ayla’s Adventures: A whole year with my little adventurer

OMG! SUPER CUTE WARNING! I can’t believe Ayla’s little one is already one year old! Definitely taking after her mum, she’s already been on two continents and seven countries and I simply adore following her little adventures. This post is definitely a Mum’s proud testament to her daughter. Aw bless.

Vicky Flip Flop Travels: 27 Tips for Your First Time Travelling Alone

I remember the sheer terror I had when I first landed at Bangkok Airport to undertake my first trip travelling the world on my own. Muddling through, I totally agree with what tips Vicky has to share about travelling on your own for the first time. My favourite is: ‘What would your Mum make you do?’ Believe me, she would make me wear a ski jacket in desert countries to ensure I’m kept warm!

Emily Luxton: Berlin Weekend Guide on a Budget

Last time I was in Berlin, I massively struggled to keep my spending on a budget. But now, thanks to Emily, she has opened my eyes to a world of cheap eats, activities, accommodation and really, where to find the best currywurst (extremely important). What’s more, there’s a budget spa and thermal pools you can relax in without breaking the bank. I’m totally there.

Roaming Required: 24 hours in Aalborg, Denmark

Thanks to cheapo Ryanair offering ludicrously cheap £1 fares on occasion, could you visit a city for 24 hours? Both Roma and Russell can thanks to their very in-depth article showing you what a multitude of things you can do and experience in this corner of Denmark that’s only 90 minutes away on a plane. I’m so intrigued that you can just do 24 hours and I think I might just do this. Where would you recommend?

Man Vs Globe: Life on the Line: How to Visit Hanoi’s ‘Train Street’

Seriously, you won’t believe how cross I was when I read Dave’s post on this fantastic experience in the capital of Vietnam. Having found myself in the city a few years ago, I wanted to find out what’s the best unexpected activity or sight to do there. But this fella has told me his trump card of a street that a train goes through. Read through his cleverly descriptive experience of him time there and you’ll feel you are right there with him.


What has been your favourite blog posts in March?