Did you know that I love taking selfies of myself on my travels? Of course you do, there’s no getting away from them in my blog articles! With the advent of digital photography, all of our pictures can be stored online, filed into folders only to be forgotten about. But remember the days where you had to craftily take the best photos in your 24 film reel and then excitedly run to the photo printing service shops to eagerly wait for them to be developed an hour later? We would look through them carefully selected the bestest one to go up on the wall or a table in a frame in our homes.

That doesn’t seem to happen now.

Except, we have moved on and now we can get these travel photo memories printed on different ways. My favourite way to do this is get my absolute favourite travel memory photos onto a canvas picture.

Like this.




Thanks to CanvasChamp, I can simply go on their website and select what kind of canvas print I want using my favourite travel photo to be printed on.

With a long-lasting artistic mould to my travel photo, I can now have the feeling of a museum-quality canvas print hanging on my wall in my home. Really, when I was selecting which wall to hang my canvas print up, I couldn’t help thinking if there was a more priceless canvas than the Mona Lisa? I’m just too damn beautiful, right?

Even further, the canvas is coated with UV protection, stopping sun damage, and you have the choice to select your canvas print in different sizes ranging from 8×8 to 54×54 inches. Unfortunately, my family refused to have the biggest picture of me looking down on them on the biggest wall in their room, they said they see my ugly mug enough. How rude!


So, what do I think of my latest canvas print? 




I simply like the fact that this canvas print is handcrafted by CanvasChamp’s expert artisans giving this feel of a personal touch. More so, I wasn’t expecting this to be so, so colourful, which makes the canvas print ‘pop’ on my walls. It really does stand out next to other pictures of my family, highlighting that of course, I’m the more important one! (wink, wink).

The other thing I really liked about using CanvasChamp is the quick delivery from ordering. At the moment, my family and I are redecorating the house and upon finding space for a canvas print, I can quickly get it delivered before we lose enthusiasm to finish decorating.

Also, it’s a travel memory! Every time I look at this on my wall, I’m simply reminded about my experience at Kingston upon Thames in the UK where this small market town has changed the world, Plus, it’s probably one of the best travel selfies of me, do you agree?

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So, if you need any canvas photo prints, then CanvasChamp is just the champion to do the job for you!

Which of your favourite travel memory pictures would you get printed? Send me an email! 


Disclaimer: This article is in collaboration with CanvasChamp. However, as always, my opinions are my own.