Don’t you just hate it when after undertaking an adventure of a lifetime into the unknown that you reach your destination to take that winning shot, only to discover your smartphone has flickered and run out of battery? After many days of adventuring without electricity to super charge your phone, your usually trusted Power Bank has run out of juice and, therefore, the only memento of your journey is in your memories.

No. We don’t want that, do we? We want to rub our friends and families faces into digital photographic evidence (trust me, they dread the 1000 photos shows I put on every time I come back home).

Case in point: delving into the deepest darkest rural heart of Laos in South East Asia, I was fancying myself to be a budding famous adventurer to check out the scariest cave ever in the world. But the thing is, I had to travel by many buses, tuk-tuks, a 4 mile walk and then stay over in a homestay in the treetops of Kong Lo forest before I could spend the day getting lost in Kong Lo Cave.

Types of holiday - adventure

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All this took four days.

So no wonder my phone bleeped wearily and went kaput just as I started my descent into the cave. I was utmostly cross, believe me.

So, what could I do to ensure my phone stays alive and functioning? Sure, I could pack about five heavy duty powerbanks but I don’t want to carry them all. I like to travel light.

Enter the OUTXE (Outdoor Extreme Energy) Power bank that will be utterly perfect for adventurers throughout the world.


But before I show you more of this product, what other issues do adventurers have?

Adventurers doesn’t stroll across promenades along the sea. We like to get down and dirty.

  • Adventurers swim in the water, whitewater rafting,
  • Explorers journey into the centre of the earth, caving and potholing into a maelstrom of dust
  • Soaring darers climb up mountains and there’s always a risk of items falling out of our pockets
  • Thrill-seekers like to move fast, searching for adrenaline, whether it’s ziplining or racing through tree tops.
  • And so much more!


Magical Woods

Yes, i realise that this makes me sound like James Bond, but I digress (really I am 007). So, what all of these activities have in common?

Risks to your Powerbank.

It can get wet, it can be clogged up with dust, it can get smashed, or it can be skidded.

Yep, not only your powerbank could run out of battery. You, as an adventurer, are an extreme risk of breaking your powerbank.

But now, adventurers travelling around the world don’t need to worry.

The OUTXE Rugged Power Bank will cause you absolutely NO fear.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video:

Pretty awesome, right?

It’s full name is: OUTXE Quick Charge 20000mAh Waterproof Power Bank with Flashlight 4A Dual Input Rugged Portable Charger.

Try saying that twice as fast.

And I would, because I absolutely love it!

When I found out about OUTXE Rugged Power Bank, it was just the perfect time as my usually trusted Power Bank looked battered and worn after being on many adventure trips with me. And I was pretty sure the charge isn’t half as long as it used to be.
I went searching for the best Power Bank for me and believe me, I looked through loads to get the best value for price (hey, I’m a Yorkshire man, get over it).
But when OUTXE marketed their portable charger as specifically designed for outdoor trips, rubberized and rugged to withstand abuse in the wild, I was intrigued. Very intrigued. Could it be as it made itself out to be?
So I ordered one to be delivered to me to take it out for a test drive in my adventuring around the UK, particularly in the national parks, whilst keeping me connected to the outside world and entertained throughout my travelling.
Upon receiving this through the post (thank you Mr Postman for putting up with me in my bed shorts squealing like a little girl when I got this), I immediately took out all of the contents of the rather sleek looking box and discovered I had the following:
  • OUTXE Savage 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Type-C charging cable
  • 2*Carabiners
  • 2*Lanyards
  • User manual

Mamma mia – the Carabiners!

I tell you what lit my eyes up when I poured the contents out onto my table – the Carabiners.
I absolutely love them. Why? Because I can hang things off my backpack or rucksack. I don’t have to take my bag off and start rummaging through the contents spilling things all over the muddy ground to look for my power bank. I can simply attach it and plug my charging cable and be on the move at the same time without stuffing everything into my pockets and feeling I have a very shapely hourglass figure.
So far, so good.
Now, came the second piece of fantastic news.

Your power to bank on

You may be wondering just what the heck 20000mAh means? Yeah, me too. But your face is going to be a picture like mine when you realise that this means… wait for it… that this high capacity can store over a week’s worth of power that goes everywhere you go. You can charge an iPhone 8 seven times. I only have an iPhone 6S, imagine the more charges I have!
Truly, I was starting to fall deeply in love and somehow, as I stroked the power bank, the design started to look rugged to me (you know what I mean, wink wink).

Holding the power of the sun in your hands

My third favourite piece of news is that the power bank supports solar charging.
Yes, my friends, it comes with an inbuilt solar panel. So, say good bye to constant wall charging.
However, OUTXE says that it takes about 40-100 hours to make a full recharge due to it’s solar panel size and panel conversion rate and I heartily agree with them that this should be used for emergency use only.
Imagine if you got lost? You need medical attention? You’re trapped?
Then stay connected with the outside world by using the solar panel charge.
As an adventurer, I was starting to like this more and more.
So, what other features and benefits would I see?

Perfect for outdoor trips – can survive water, dust, shocks and skids, crushing and drop tested.

Okay, I’m a rebel at heart behind the handsome eclectic features of my face. So, I wanted to test this rugged Power Bank.
My main issue of being an adventurer with digital devices is that I drop a lot of things to the ground. The likelihood increases the higher I go in the world. So, I decided to test if this can survive a big drop.
So, off I went to my local wood with my dog and stood at the top of a 4 metre drop with a very hard rocky ground. With my eyes closed, I let go of the power bank and expected to hear a rather loud clattering of a device being blown to smithereens.
Nope, just heard a dull thud.
Opening my eyes, I saw it gleaming away on the ground and I swear it almost shrugged and said ‘and….?’
This brings me to my next point why it survived.


It’s extremely durable

Thanks to its silicone rubber and its USB ports being protected by rubber caps, the shock proofing feature will ensure that the device will work and it also comes with a football-like grain design that has an anti-slip effect. Perfect for my sloppy hands to ensure I have good grip always. (Question – Why don’t I climb again?)

Hands free

My friends and family know that I scoff at anything that involves holding items constantly in my hands (hence why I prefer a backpack than a suitcase). So, once again thanks to the carabiners, I can simply attach the OUTXE power bank onto my backpack or onto my belt. Then, hey presto, I’m handsfree.

Quick charge

After charging up the power bank – it took nearly seven hours to fully charge (I did this while I was sleeping), I was actually rather impressed at the speed it would take to store a week’s worth of power. It’s thanks to the Dual input ports. But what i was really interested in was how fast it would charge up my phone. I purposely drained my phone (ARRGH, Sacrilege!) right down to 1%, connected my power bank and off i went to test drive this device at Humber Bridge Country Park. I was pretty pleased to have discovered that by the time I arrived there in my car (took 45 mins), my phone showed it to be at 82% full!

So excited that here’s a rare pic of the dog and I there at the park!


Humber Bridge Country Park



I love torches in the dark because not only it is a lifesaver to lead me through darkness but it helps me to communicate with others. As I have a hearing loss, I need to lip read people. But when it’s dark, I can’t see their lips so I often either have to use my iPhone torch to light people’s faces.

But the problem is that some torches are too bright.

OUTXE has unwittingly solved the problem for the deaf adventurer when on either on a camping trip or a journey through the dark because of its flashlight modes, each that can last for 100+ hours – Normal, Weak, and SOS. I loved the weak mode as it was just the best light to light our faces to stare into each others’ eyes.

So is the OUTXE Rugged Power Bank too good to be true?

Well, with all the features and benefits described, there were two features that worried me… initially – the size and the weight of it. But having said that, my fears of carrying a rather bulky item was soon allayed when I discovered the huge benefits of this device that completely outweighed the negatives. Sure enough is 525grams and the dimensions are 170x86x30mm but after carrying it around on my belt and my backpack a few times, I became really accustomed to it.


Review Snapshot 

So what do I think? Well, after reading this article, it doesn’t take a genius that I absolutely love it. For trips longer than a day, I take it with me like a trusted companion ready to explore the world and always stay at the side of this adventure travel blogger.

For £40.99 off amazon (price noted in August 2018), this OUTXE Power Bank is an absolute steal!

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So, I will give this 9.5 out of 10 stars!


OUTXE Power bank


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Disclaimer: I was given the OUTXE Rugged Power Bank for review. As always my views are my own.