Now, now, we all know how much I love my coffee. I’ve started to transform into one of those creatures that simply cannot bear to have anyone talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee. So, good luck to my friends and family. I bet they are itching for me to get myself together at the best cafe in Hull – this perfect establishment is called Nibble.


Why I need coffee


Since I moved back to Kingston Upon Hull in East Yorkshire, one of the things I’ve missed about London is the coffee culture. Quite often on a weekend, you would find me tucking into eggs and coffee over a good book but since I’ve moved back, I was pretty clueless where to go. It’s my home town, god dammit, I should know where to go.

I needed to wake up and smell the coffee.

So, where would my first port of call to find out where to find the best cafe in Hull? Well, it’s the trustworthy TripAdvisor: The 10 best cafes in Kingston Upon Hull 

Immediately I spied Nibble.




Finding Nibble


Nibble. Even the word enticed me like a lover’s teeth ready to bite my lips… but I digress. So why Nibble Cafe?

  • It’s in the Fruit Market Quarter – check – that’s where all the cool kids go these days.
  • It’s by the Dock Stage – check – means arts and culture at a stone’s throw away.
  • It’s off the beaten track – check – goodbye old biddies and coach trip parties cramming their way in.
  • And it had fantastic reviews – check – even about the eggs.

So, armed with a friend of mine, we met there on a quiet Monday afternoon ready to smash our way into delicious eggs. The wind was howling outside due to a storm whipping up, it was chilly signifying the first days of winter ready to plow down upon us. But yet, all ice cold thoughts soon melted away when I first stepped over the hearth into the warm atmosphere of Nibble.




Surprisingly, it was a hive of activity inside compared to the quiet exterior where the local C4DI (Centre for Digital innovation) stood next door. Over time, you could see scurrying technicians quickly pop inside to get their next coffee fix to keep them on their way to their next invention.

Perching on a window seat, I was immediately greeted by a welcoming waitress, who with a resounding hello, handed me their menu and made sure our table was good for us. Talk about friendly service! Reeling off their specials, she brushed a strand of hair back, gave a winning smile and immediately whipped out her notepad ready to take our coffee order.

Yes, coffee. I totally forgot about it. Ripping my eyes away from the uber friendly fairytale creature who had me transfixed, I glanced down at the hot drinks menu:




Did I really crave a coffee? Do I want a tasty tea or really, do I desire a choccy fix? The hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows made me waver away from coffee. No, coffee is what I’m here for and I immediately ordered a latte – my standard port of call.

‘Thanks!’ she whipped away and galloped to the kitchen while I perused the food menu. I knew that I especially wanted poached eggs with smashed avocado on granary toasted bread. Ready to order, the waitress came back with our coffees and swiftly went back to the kitchen after taking our preferences.




Sipping slowly, I could feel the frothed milk warmly touch my upper lip and I savoured for a quick moment before wiping it off on my sleeve.


This is the coffee culture I’ve been missing. And it’s right here at Nibble.

Chatting away to my friend and watching the world go by punctured only the faint hisses of the espresso machine, I grew warmly to Nibble. It was eclectic, open and even an oasis island marooned in the festival atmosphere of the Fruit Quarter.

Soon, my brunch arrived, and with another cup of latte, I stuck straight into my ‘eggscellent’ eggs.




I’ve eaten a lot of eggs in my lifetime and I do have to admit that these eggs ranked highly in my estimation. Moreish, tasty and what’s more, healthy.

Soon, my time at Nibble was at an end, but you know what? I’ll be back there for sure.

I’ve found my grounds for coffee.

Thanks Nibble!




Have you been to a cafe in Kingston Upon Hull and did you enjoy it? Let me know!


Nibble Hull Cafe Details


Address: The Dock, Queen Street, Hull, HU1 1UU


Facebook: Nibble

Instagram: @Nibble_Hull