Happy New Year everyone!

Did you miss me? I do apologise that I haven’t been around on this blog for the last year and a bit in 2018.

It’s been a hard year.

One that I’ve just been totally exhausted and not in the state of mind to ‘pick up the pen’ and write.

There was even a point when I thought I should just throw the towel in and not blog anymore, only because I was getting anxious that I no longer felt the love for my blog anymore.

But I say to my blog, ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’

Like a oil rigger coming back to shore, I would send out a post for you guys to read of what I have been up to but that was very few and far between.

It has been a rough year.

I returned back to my home city in Hull to look after both of my parents as they were both ill and needed my support. Becoming a carer for both of them was an interesting but intense experience. Going from a life of networking, travelling and in the fast lane, I soon found myself pulled in the hard shoulder and left the car with the emergency lights left blinking.

It was worth it. Both of my parents needed me and in turn, I reconnected back with them fully and finding our feet in our new style of relationship with each other, me being the ‘parent’.

It was a blissful experience, on good days when my Dad and I would belly laugh, my eye-rolling but with a bemused smile when Mum treated me as a 10 year old again, and learning how to look after a house again with the family dog that kept following me around.

Settling into Hull life, my travelling lessened as I went into routines, finding new friends, reconnecting with old ones and caring for my parents.

I even joined a local rugby team, giving me respite but also to try and get fitter and meet new people.

But in the later months of 2018, it all changed.

My Dad passed away.

It was a huge shock despite his long illness. He was only talking to me to take him to London for the day to meet his old work colleagues, only just days ago and he was stronger than he had been for ages.

I really miss him. We gave him a great send off at his funeral, bringing everyone back together again. I hope I did him proud with the eulogy.

Afterwards, both my Mum and I went through day by day to go through our grief and sorrow, going through papers and laughing at memories brought about forgotten items and photos.

I dipped in and out of the blogging world but I didn’t feel ready yet.

Dad loved my writing, he always wanted me to carry on with it. So, with this in mind, now Christmas is over and done with, I feel ready.

Now, let’s say goodbye to 2018, it’s 2019, let’s reconnect.

I’ve missed you.

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