Yay! It’s 2019! You know what they say, a new year, more adventure and unexpected destinations!

For the last month, I’ve set travel plans and put down in my journal which destinations I want to explore in 2019. It’s been a very quiet year in 2018 and I’m more than making up for it this year.

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Let’s check out what they are. If you are a local at these destinations, let me know if you are in the comments below, I’d love to meet up for a coffee/drink/dinner and get your advice from you.

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My planned 2019 destinations

Below are my ‘already set in stone’ plans. I simply cannot wait to jump on a train/plane/boat/car to start my adventure experiences.

The Hague – The Netherlands

The Hague
Photo by Rinus Lasschuyt

My first destination of the year! I’ve visited The Netherlands plenty of times but I’m yet to explore a hidden destination in this popular country – The Hague.

Jumping on a ferry from the East of England overnight, I’ll be spending a whole day in The Hague before jumping back on the ferry again back to the UK.

I simply love overnight ferry travel as not only you pay for accommodation but you pay for transport in the same price. That’s budgeting for you!

In the Hague, I’ve got my mind set on visiting the Celestial Vault and the SkyView before sampling pickled herrings before visiting a notorious prison. Watch this space!

Budapest – Hungary

Photo by dras

Soon after, I’ll be jumping on a budget plane to head to Eastern Europe again, determined to visit every country in this continent by the end of 2020, and this time I’ll be in Hungary visiting its capital – Budapest!

This will be a weekend city break but with a twist! I’m actually on a stag party for a fellow travel blogger friend of mine and I cannot wait to see what hijinks we will be getting up to then. But for sure, I’ll be in the spa baths at night!

South Africa

South Africa
Photo by UltraPanovision

Now, it’s been four years since I’ve travelled outside Europe and I cannot WAIT to go to South Africa! Oh, Africa I’ve missed you! The last time I’ve been in Africa was in 2007 on a volunteer trip to Uganda, building schools. With two and a bit weeks in this reputed gorgeous country on the other side of the world, I’ll be exploring Cape Town, the Western Cape and the Garden Route too. Also, a wedding to attend too!

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I’m already planning my itinerary – but love to have some advice on adventure activities and unusual places!

Trentino – Italy

Photo by Luca Fineschi

Finally, in the end of Spring, I’m headed over to the Italian Alps in the Trentino region for the annual Traverse Conference.

For me, outside the conference, I’m itching to climb and hike the epically wonderful Alps and explore this quiet region of Italy all the way to Lake Garda. Plus, I may discover some very unusual traditions along the way…

My 2019 travel ideas

Now, that I have planned in four trips, I’m determined to have a trip every month. Let’s see what I have pencilled in for now.

Jersey/Guernsey – UK Channel Islands

Jersey, guernsey, channel islands
Photo by R_Roger

I’ve always imagined Jersey and Guernsey as an exotic part of Europe hidden away from the tourist eyes. I sure love a place that is off the beaten track. Also, from my home town of Hull, my local airport do direct flights to Jersey. Sounds like a long weekend in the works for me!

What to do there? I have my eye on surfing, walking and sailing. Fancy joining me?

Paris – France


Inspired by The Roman Guy tours, I fancy heading over to Paris to experience their ‘The Paris Guy‘ tours particularly the one into their Catacombs. You can find all about them in my article below:

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I feel like I haven’t EXPLORED Paris yet. I’ve been there twice now – once a school trip and another on a charity hitch-hike there from Leeds. I definitely need to feel love in the most romantic capital in the world. Plus, perhaps it’s time to take the Eurostar train?

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Tallinn – Estonia

European Weekend

Tallinn will definitely be a Christmas trip. Who doesn’t want to go to a wonderful, magical and snowy fairytale land? Visiting their Christmas markets and potentially seeing Father Christmas, I’d love to have a warming mulled wine in the cold weather, whilst wrapped up, marvelling at the medieval sights. Perhaps I can go dog-sledding too? Let’s see.

Madrid/Toledo – Spain

Even Madrid can be sweet!

I feel it’s high time to go back to Madrid. Not only to catch up with my old fellow travel buddies – Two Bad Tourists – but also to explore the region even further as previously I only stayed a few days before exploring Andalucia.

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Part of my trip is to explore Toledo in a day – the city of three cultures – and explore its panoramic beauty.

Or perhaps if I have time, I could always explore Segovia as well?

Krakow – Poland

Krakow, 2019
Photo by Ivan Zanotti Photo

Another European country to visit to tick off my list to visit all European countries by end of 2020. This time to Poland. Rather than heading to Warsaw, the capital, I fancy heading over to Krakow to explore its history and especially their delicious food on a budget.

Just reason enough to visit Krakow after reading On the Luce’s article and photos has me trying to quench my travel thirst: 5 reasons to visit Krakow, Poland

North Wales – UK

North Wales, #exploretheelements

I’ll never forget how much I totally loved North Wales on my whistlestop tour of the rugged landscape of Wales.

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I didn’t spend a lot of time there and I vowed to go back to undertake adventure activities there including zip-lining at ZipWorld, abseiling, canyonning and of course, hiking up Mount Snowdon.

This seems like a perfect summer adventure break.

Transpennine Trail – UK

Transpennine trail

Lately, I’ve been finding myself wanting to do more nature walks and trails. The biggest one near my home town is the 215 mile long Transpennine Trail criss-crossing from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, starting in Southport, through the Pennines and alongside canals and historic cities, before ending up in Hornsea, my local beach!

This sounds like a good challenge for me in the Autumn and I expect to do this in one week. Do you want to come with me?

So, what do you think? Do you think I should be going to another destination? Have you travelled in the above destination – could you give me ideas or advice? Let me know in the comments below or slide in to DMs on social media:

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Here’s to seeing you soon! MWAH!