‘Oh, my word!’

My eyes grew as the plate set before me on the sturdy wooden table in front of me. I started licking my lips and I could feel the saliva start to gush forth. Don’t get me started on the smell! 

Ah, lunch! In winter, it’s possibly my favourite meal of the day. Why? Because I simply love eating when it is light outside rather than tea-time when I munch in despair at the darkness outside. I’m pretty sure I have a slight case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

So, lunch in Hull is my go to meal of the day and what better way to enjoy lunch by trying meals out during the day in your home town? 

I don’t work straight 9-5 hours due to being self-employed so I could take two hours out to head into town and sample a new cafe/bar or restaurant. 

Part of my resolutions (watch this space) is to sample more venues and activities in my home town of Hull, so when I had the chance to meet up with two of my friends for a catch up in early January, I jumped at the chance! 

Meeting in Old Town of Hull, with the majestic Trinity Church studying us, we traipsed through Trinity Square, avoiding the infinity pools to a line of cafes and restaurants that waited before us. 

We picked ‘Head of Steam‘, recently opened just in time for Hull CIty of Culture 2017, an eclectic and fresh feeling pub serving craft, world and cask beers and ciders. Even though it is a chain, I didn’t feel this was the case and the place felt… ‘Hull’. I’ll admit, I did come here the month before and was wowed over by the music artists who plays here during the evenings. 

But here I am in the daytime, perched on a bench in front of the table with a pint of craft beer, pouring over the menu. 

It wasn’t too loud and it felt calming while catching up with my friends. 

Soon, I decided upon ordering the ‘Brunch burger’ intrigued by the idea and the tastes that could come. On the side came onion rings and sweet potato fries. Here how it came:

Now, tell me that isn’t yummy?!

I think my friends suddenly noticed that I became extra-quiet only because I was too busy tasting this gorgeous burger for my lunch in Hull, washed down with another pint of craft beer!

I do freely admit that I ate exactly the whole thing and I did pick up crumbs to put it in my face! (I’ve cut out sweets, biscuits and chocolate – I’m hungry! – That’s another new year resolutions – again watch this space.)

All in all, I really enjoyed this early January lunch in Hull experience. Not only it’s set in the Old Town giving great views of Trinity Square, Head of Steam pub has a warming atmosphere, great drinks, delicious food, uber-friendly staff and a sense of happiness at the end of your meal. 

So, how about it? Fancy lunch again in Hull? 

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