Looking for your next getaway? Tired of laid-back hotel vacations and want to try something more exciting? Where to? It’s 2019 and it’s time to get back to exploring the world for a journey of a lifetime of adventure travel!

Simply changing the way you do your vacations can totally shift your perspective of fun. The more adrenaline rush in an experience, the more memorable it is. Consequently, you will become more open to opportunities that let you see the world in a new light. This is so true when I got lost in rural Laos, exploring the Australian outback, ziplining across Italian valleys and many more!

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This is the charm of outdoor adventures and simply the reason why so many people are hooked on trying out exciting escapades. So if you are ready to take fun to the next level, the following must-try experiences will surely bring a whole new meaning to your idea of travel.

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Kayaking in Kauai

A ravishing island in the Central Pacific, Kauai, aptly nicknamed the Garden Isle, is a remarkable miracle of nature. A tropical rainforest covers majority of the island laced with undeniably gorgeous coasts. Additionally, there are not a lot of big resorts around, making it relatively peaceful than tourist-clad areas such as the Big Island’s Kona-Kailua coast or the Wailea area.

The most beautiful beaches are hard to get to and the waters can be dangerous. But that aside, life in Kauai is ecstatic, slow-paced, and inspiring. It’s also known among outdoor enthusiasts as the Everest of kayaking.

Kauai’s Na Pali coast features a seventeen-mile voyage that passes soaring cliffs, valleys, sea caves, and waterfalls. The views are nothing short of picture-perfect. The best time to try out this fun is during the summer months from May through September.

Exploring New Zealand

New Zealand’s naturally varied landscape is the outdoor enthusiast’s perfect playground. I should know, I fell in love very HARD when I visited there, particularly in the South Island. It features cascading glaciers, active volcanoes, and vast mountain ranges as well as sandy beaches and placid lakes. There’s no shortage of exciting and physically challenging activities you can do around the Land of the Long White Cloud. Not to mention the sceneries are outstanding!

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Make your New Zealand adventure remarkable by braving its mountain trails, seeing the backcountry in saddle expeditions, river rafting in Tongariro, enjoying the landscapes by cycling in Rotorua, touring the sea in Whitianga, and exploring off-road routes in Queenstown. Don’t forget the skydiving challenge in Taupo!

Discovering the Sky Isles in France

France is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its cities are rife with historical significance that makes it perfect for urban adventures. But beyond the rich culture found in its world-renowned centers, France takes on a new light, inviting travelers into an idyllic grandeur palpable in its lavender-painted countryside, villages that realize the fantasy of fairy tales, and frosty vacations on top of the world.

The pristine meadows and tumbling valleys of the French Alps are a majestic thing of beauty. With these backdrops, you can hike or ski through the scenery, wandering past awe-inspiring glaciers and later munching on some well-deserved gastronomy treats high up the clouds.

When the sun is out, it’s best to take it slow. The great weather, combined with the country’s naturally scenic routes, makes France one of the most preferred destinations among cyclists. Cycle along the wine regions of Burgundy or the pastoral territory of Alsace. Ride smooth in Bordeaux and Dordogne, and don’t forget to stop and admire the pure blissful paths of the Loire Valley. The Southwest and Atlantic France also deserve a special mention in this roll call, featuring the most postcard-worthy roads that will easily take your breath away.

It’s easy to see why cycling is such a big sport in France. These routes will perfectly test your performance as a cyclist, all the while letting you enjoy the ride. It’s the perfect cycling paradise whether you’re just cycling for fun or training for the next Tour de France.

I simply love cycling myself now that I’ve got back in the saddle after being thrown in the deep end of mountain biking down a scary route…

Living a Surreal Dream in Chile

In 2018, premier travel site Lonely Planet chose Chile as the number one travel destination of the year. Much of what the world knows about Chile is limited to its polar regions, where most tours are conducted. But few know of the authentic wonders that lie in between.

Northwest of Santiago lies the town of Valparaiso, a convergence of neighborhoods organized in hills, each with their own distinguishing characters and connected only by funiculars. Wandering around town, you’ll bear witness to the locals’ creative talents evident in their street art.

In Valle del Encanto, you’ll find an interesting tour in history, still found in the landscape’s petroglyphs, rock paintings, and morteros. At the end of the day, you can enjoy Chile’s most popular drink, the pisco sour, right in the divine landscapes of Elqui Valley, where it is produced.

Go glacier trekking or horseback riding in Patagonia, or cycle through the marvel of the Atacama. Brimming with salt lagoons, volcanic structures, and unexpected carpets of flowers in the wild, the desert of the Atacama gives off an otherworldly vibe that is not easily found in any other parts of the world.

Seeing beyond the Big Game in South Africa

Guess what! I’m going to South Africa! I simply cannot wait to undertake this outdoor activity of a lifetime. 

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Globally known for their wide safari parks and tours, this country located on the southernmost tip of the African continent offers more than just wildlife. Its unique climate makes it home to distinct ecosystems including craggy cliffs, lush forests and lagoons, vineyards, and beaches.

Certainly, there’s more to see in South Africa than just the big game in Mpumalanga. For those looking to spice up their South African tour, go canoeing down the Orange River, climb the top of the Table Mountain in the Western Cape, jump from the world’s highest commercial bungee bridge in the Eastern Cape, explore the Cango Caves in the Klein Karoo, or dive with turtles in Sodwana Bay. You can also go trekking and see the towering sandstone cliffs at the Maloti-Drakensberg Park.

For cycling enthusiasts, South Africa has more than its fair share of spectacular and scenic routes. The Helshoogte Pass in Cape Winelands, the Owl Route in Eastern Cape, and Midlands Meander in KwaZulu-Natal are just some you should see for yourself.


The world shifts 360 when you change the way you experience it. So go see the other side of fun. Life is too short for boring vacations.

Let’s get exploring.